Friday, April 28, 2006

Dog Rescued From Tree

San Clemente, Ca. (AP) - Deuce the dog was out with his owner, Murphy the Mayor, doing his usual thing, which is retrieving stray golf shots for members of the Shorecliffs Golf Club, when a squirrel darted out in front of him and scrambled up a nearby tree. Attempting to follow the creature up the tree, Deuce soon found himself in a predicament (see photo).

"He almost never chases squirrel's," said his owner. I don't know what got into him. I should have had a better grip on his leash. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then when I tried to get him free, I discovered he was stuck."

The Orange County Fire Department responded after being summoned to the scene. Using a Jaws of Life device, they were able to extradite Deuce in about 15 minutes, seemingly none the worse for wear.

Dr. Ralph gave Deuce a quick exam and declared the animal fine. "After I stopped laughing, I examined Deuce for injuries and discovered nothing of concern. He'll be back shagging golf balls in no time."


murphy said...

Since when is Dr Ralph a Proctologist? He didn't have to do that to poor Deuce.

unt said...

Dr. Ralph is a man of many talents.

Anonymous said...

I am filing for a malpractice against that dr ralph he is mean.

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