Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Break In The Case?

San Onofre (SOD/BOD) - After detaining and questioning SANOMAN (nice name) yesterday, authorities announced that he is not The blog monitor. Upon SANOMAN's (nice name) release, Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Sheriff Bob had this to say, "We interrogated SANOMAN (nice name) for an extended period of time and during that process he implicated Stephan Rollo of Dana Point, a person previously questioned and released in the case. We are looking into filing aiding and abetting charges against SANOMAN (nice name) in the near future."

"At first, SANOMAN (nice name) steadfastly denied any knowledge of The blog monitor's identity, but after repeated questioning by lead detective Ocifer K., finally broke and implicated Mr. Rollo," said Sheriff Bob in his statement. "We have no idea where he is now and all efforts are being made to locate Mr. Rollo and bring him in for another round of interrogation."

"SANOMAN (nice name) was a tough cookie and would not cooperate with us until he received a cup of coffee. We tricked him and gave him decaf. That made all the difference in the world and he quickly gave us the information we were trying to get," Ocifer K. said. "Our task force has grown with the addition of Officer Ed and we feel confident we will locate the perpetrator."

Mr. Rollo's lawyer, Panaman, said authorities had unjustly targeted his client. "It's just a big witch hunt, kind of like our army invading Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction. My client is completely innocent and knows nothing about this "The blog monitor" thing." When asked why his client had implicated Mr. Rollo, Panaman had this to say, "SANOMAN (nice name) had had enough and after getting decaf instead of regular, told them what they wanted to hear. It's totally bogus."

Anyone with knowledge of Rollo's whereabouts is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's hotline at (715) 555-OCSD.

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