Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Hunt Is On

San Clemente, California (SOSC) - A Dana Point man was detained and questioned yesterday in The blog monitor case by local authorities. Stephan Rollo, age unknown, was approached at San Onofre Surfing Beach and taken into custody, only to be released later in the day.

Orange County Sheriff spokesman Sheriff Bob, said the interrogation turned up no new leads as to the identity of The blog monitor. For those unfamiliar with the case, it revolves around the hacking into the San-O Daze blog and posting of obscene material, defacing the site for an approximate 24-hour time period.

Sheriff Bob had this to add, "Mr. Rollo did not have the expertise to take down a web site, so we had no choice but to release him, but we will keep him under surveillance."

Mr. Rollo had in his possession a wind-up laptop computer purchased from the former Soviet Union, but it contained nothing of interest.

Blog spokesman Puttzle, had this to say about the ongoing investigation, "We really hope that they catch whoever did this. The postings were nasty. We pride ourselves in providing wholesome family entertainment, and this just plain makes us look bad."

Contributor Murphy chimed in with, "It's really starting to make me angry! Who does this jerk think he is?"

Dingo and the esteemed Dr. Ralph did not return phone calls and were otherwise unavailable for comment.

Authorities are asking that anyone with information pertaining to the case contact the lead investigator, Ocifer K., at 714-555-COPS.


The blog monitor said...


Lesson 1: Rollo is not The blog monitor.

Lesson 2: Can't we all just get along?

Lesson 3: Calm that Murphy guy down.

murphy said...

The Blog Monitor,

Lesson 1: Don't piss off the Murf!

Lesson 2: The bearer of bad news sometimes gets shot!

Lesson 3: CRY CRY CRY "Johnny Cash"!

theblogmonitor said...



Lesson 2: I wear a bullet-proof vest at all times.

Lesson 3: I don't like country.

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