Monday, May 22, 2006

Is He The blog monitor?

San Onofre (SOSCBOD) - Authorities today were scouring the South Orange County area looking for a man identified as "SANOMAN" (nice name) for questioning in the San-O Daze The blog monitor hacking case.

In a press conference hastily arranged to break the news, Orange County Sheriff spokesman Sheriff Bob said, "He is a person of interest and may have knowledge as to the identity of The blog monitor. He is well known to the aggrieved parties and unless he has fled the country, should not be hard to locate."

His name surfaced after members of San-O Daze were questioned by detectives after San-O Daze was once again invaded over the weekend by the hacker known as "The blog monitor". The Orange County Sheriff's Office promised to throw more resources into the investigation. Ocifer K. will remain the lead investigator.

"According to Puttzle, SANOMAN (nice name) was once a member of the blog but was kicked out for continued yelling and an inadequate number of articles," said Sheriff Bob when pressed for details by the assembled press.

Dingo, who along with Murphy attended the event, mentioned noticing signs that SANOMAN (nice name) had been around. "Every now and then someone would comment in all capital letters, which in the computer world is considered yelling. That's why we fired him in the first place!" he said. "Lately the number of those type comments has increased and we even saw a couple that he actually signed "SANOMAN" (nice name)."

"I'll break that a-hole's neck if I get my hands on him," a furious red-faced Murphy intoned. "What a jerk! He's really pissing people off, though not as much as me and Mr. initials P.A."

Puttzle attended the news conference via telephone from his out-of-state home and had this to say, "I really don't think he is The blog monitor, He didn't have the computer expertise I would expect from a hacker. I don't think he knew how to work the caps lock on his keyboard and that's why he was always 'yelling'. He was pretty angry about getting removed from San-O Daze, so he may have found an accomplice."

Dr. Ralph was performing surgery and was unavailable for comment.

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