Thursday, May 11, 2006

Murphy the Mayor Cleared!

SAN CLEMENTE (SOSC) - Authorities today issued an apology to the man considered by many to be the voice of San Onofre, Murphy the Mayor.

Recently, a man now identified by State Park Rangers and Edison security as Sergio Murphy, was arrested and charged with fondling women's feet and toes, as well as other despicable acts.

When arrested, Sergio Murphy gave his name as Mayor Murphy, setting off a chain of mis-identification that besmirched the good name of Murphy the Mayor. When interviewed by officials, Segio used the names of close confederates of the Mayor and produced valid identification. When questioned further, he said he was an avid reader of the real Mayor's blog, San-O Daze, and got all his information from there.

Law Enforcement people familiar with Murphy the Mayor said the photo likeness "was uncanny" (see photo). "I've known Murphy the Mayor for quite a while, and it even fooled me!" was all Sheriff Bob could say as he chuckled and shook his head.

The Mayor, recently departed for a golfing safari, was unavailable for comment.


m.s said...

this guy is so cute. its clearly not the real mayor

murphy said...

See if I let Drralph do anymore face lifts on me!

puttzle said...

No, no, no, the picture is of the IMPOSTER!

The blog monitor said...


Lesson 1: Know your opponent.

Lesson 2: No more comment deletions or I WILL take action.

Lesson 3: You're not funny.

The blog monitor

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