Monday, May 01, 2006

Puttzle's Corner

Just what do they mean when they (the media and their supporters) refer to the group boycotting as "immigrants"? Are these legal or illegal, or are they a mix of both? I am mighty confused, and have seen no real reference, all I see is a bunch of Bee Ess. On top of that, our politicians have their heads up their collective okole's (see photo). If they are legal, they theoretically should know English and have to be able to recite the pledge, in English, and satisfy all the other requirements to attain citizenship. Congratulations, I welcome you with open arms. Love America or leave it. Or is that segment of the group, if there is a significant number, a result of the earlier amnesty program where requirements were loosened? You were fortunate that time, amigos, don't push your luck. I think you have succeeded in pissing people off trying the same tactics.

Born here of illegal immigrants? Yes, you are a citizen (lucky you!), but mama and baby daddy need to satisfy the requirements, no free pass, no matter how long you or they have been here. Want to fly the Mexican flag because you hate your Country because we won't let mama and daddy stay? Become a Mexican citizen and adios! Like it here and are mad because we talk about sending the illegal part of the family back? I would like to think we Americans are humane enough to take certain circumstances into consideration and cut folks some slack, giving those family members time to come up to speed, but they MUST learn English, that is what we speak here. They don't want to? Adios! Want to bring family up from Mexico or over from China or the Middle East, go through the LEGAL process.

Here illegally? Two choices: Start the legal process or go home...please. Like I said, people are getting ticked.

Want to be here, come legally. Want to work here, do it legally. We are not haters and we are not racist, we are Proud Americans who believe in our system, however flawed it may be. There, problem solved, move along, there is nothing else to see here. We should now think about addressing the subject of those employers who hire those here illegally. Open discussion.


Dingo said...

No more Tyson chicken for this reporter. Home Depot is out of the question as they build lounges for the "day labor" ILLEGALS! Any American business that closed today so the workers (illegal or not) could go protest how bad America is can no longer expect my patronage. And anyone who continues to vote for the state senate democrats that endorsed this crap shall be considered a sell out to Mexico.

lou dobbs said...

This is all bullshit, dingo. Go to La Siesta, it's all filled with San Onofre subs not boycotting mexi's, chug-a-lugging Coronas with a lime. San Onofre's Bamboo Room will be featuring mariachis this summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dingp.
Do you really believe it's the fault of the Democrats? Republicans also had a great big giant hand in all this bullshit.Business is business, and bigger is better. Don't you think???

martha's mom said...

This nation is far too soft on these people who wish to call themselves immigrants. They are people who came here illegally from Mexico when others waited in line, just as many of our ancesters did. Where do they come off wanting the benefits of our country when others have been waiting in line for years (in the legal way) to gain entrance to this wonderful land of ours.How convenient for them, as they try to make everyone feel guilty that they have been caring for the caucasion children, feeding us, doing our lanndscaping, etc.,etc.,etc.,.and the list can go on and on.I for one won't be intimidated. I would prefer to go hungry annd let the yard bre overgrown before I would give in to their demands. What do you all think????

Dingo said...

Pay attention anonymous. What I said was the "STATE SENATE DEMOCRATS THAT ENDORSED THIS CRAP SHALL BE CONSIDERED A SELL OUT TO MEXICO" That statement is a fact. The California senate was split 100% on party lines with the democrats endorsing the boycott and the republicans not endorsing it. It was sponsored by Gloria Romero, democrat-Los Angeles. Take off the politcal blinders and pay attention.

As for the Republicans, well on the federal level, most of them have failed us too. Especially Bush! They favor the cheap labor and have some serious delusions that they will get the latino vote.

I've yet to see a democrat at any level really speak out on illegal immigration and only a handfull of Republicans such as Tom Tancredo and a FEW others. I'm not loyal to either party, but I can do the math here.

Joe Lunchbox said...

Republicans want the cheap labor. The Dimocrats want to give them freebies. Forget what party a candidate is from and see who has taken action. Perhaps a viable 3rd party candidate that represents America will emerge in 2008?

Fact Checker said...

Remember, the only reason we have Swartzenegger (and he wants to be on all sides unfortunatly) is because Gray Davis-democrat signed democrat Gil Sedillo's bill giving drivers licences to illegal aliens. That bill was approved by the democrat majority state senate. Opposed by the senate republicans.

unt said...

Not to mention the huge surplus that Gray Davis turned into a huge deficit, Fact Checker.

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