Sunday, May 28, 2006

SAN CLEMENTE, Ca. - A man waiting to be interrogated at the county jail drove off in the arresting officer's police cruiser, still wearing handcuffs, then bailed out and made a run for freedom, police said.

SANOMAN (nice name), age unknown, now faces charges of escape and resisting an officer, according to the Daily Sun.

When Orange County Sheriff officer Ed stepped out of his patrol car to find booking officer Sheriff Bob, SANOMAN (nice name) slipped into the driver's seat, and despite his handcuffs, drove the car out of the jail booking area.

Police said he drove a short distance, then abandoned the cruiser and ran on foot. He was recaptured after a short foot chase.

SANOMAN (nice name) was detained for questioning in The blog monitor case.


el profesor said...

Hey now, what's with all this parenthetical bullcrap. I understand what your saying without you having to put in paranthesis every time you write something.

SANOMAN(nicename) said...

its a case of mistaken identity!

puttzle said...

That is not the real SANOMAN (nice name), he types in all CAPS!

El, that's his name, "SANOMAN (nice name)". Talk to his parents who named him that.

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