Thursday, May 11, 2006

SAN CLEMENTE (Reuters) - A man with a foot fetish has admitted he tried to kiss, fondle and lick the legs and toes of more than 70 women on the state beach over the last three years, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

In a handwritten confession to police released by the Orange County district attorney's office, "Mayor" Murphy said his aim was "to make them laugh and smile and open to talk to me, I give great toe."

Murphy, whose real first name is Sergio, was arrested late last week after approaching a woman on the beach at Lower Trestles and is charged with forcible touching and unlawful imprisonment, the latter charge referring to his habit of grabbing his victims' legs and not letting go. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted and has been released on $6,000 bail until a court hearing on June 26 if no golfing is scheduled.

In a rambling confession peppered with spelling and grammatical errors, Murphy, who lives in rural San Clemente, detailed how he accosted the women while cruising the beach between Lower Trestles and Dogpatch.

"I get on my knees, bow, grab their feet, brush off the sand and kiss them. I then grab their hand and tell them 'You're so beautiful. I'm not worthy,'" he wrote. "I do not give me real name. If they ask I will tell them my name is Puttzle, Dingo, Dr. Ralph or Kareem."

Murphy said his motivation was to get to know the women, but he recalled that often they would move away when he tried to "taste and touch them."

"Some women had kicked me and screamed, but since it was in Spanish, I couldn't understand it" he wrote. "I've done this to about 70 women."

Prosecutors said dozens of women had started to come forward to identify Murphy, who told detectives in his confession that he lived in a sand bunker on a golf course.

"I am currently retired," he wrote, adding that he had been laid-off from his previous job with a sightseeing company which offered tours of the nearby Chimpanzee facility. That facility was recently forced to close down due to repeated escapes by the Chimp population.

In his confession, Murphy apologized to his victims, saying: "I didn't mean to hurt no body and I am sorry. "

In related news, Puttzle, Dingo and Dr. Ralph, who repeatedly professed their innocence, were released from custody last night after charges against them were dropped. No Kareems were ever detained.


Homie Saypian said...

Thank god they were women he was targeting. I would hate to think our beloved Murphy was even stranger than he is!

madam kong said...

Murphy can lick or kiss my toes anytime.

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