Wednesday, May 10, 2006

San Onofre, California - Motorists approaching the surfing capital late Tuesday were met with the unlikely sight of three elephants grazing by the access road, KFI radio reported Wednesday. Escaping from a circus container towed by a truck which had suddenly overturned on a sharp bend just north of the spot, the animals dispersed across the field.

A fourth elephant and the driver were slightly injured but recovered quickly, rescue service spokesman Ranger Ephriam told the radio.

"I suppose they could have run away but they were very complacent and stayed in the brush, close to their keeper, who was being attended to by Dr. Ralph" he said.

Police initially thought the accident was more serious and dispatched three ambulances, four Rangers and a helicopter to the site.

"They said one person was trapped in the truck, but it turned out it was just an elephant," San Onofre spokesman The blog monitor said.

After a couple of hours, the four elephants were loaded into a new truck and hauled away.

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