Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UPS To Replace Fleet

La Puente, California (AP) - UPS officials unveiled the new look trucks (see photo) they are adding to their fleet of delivery vehicles.

"We figured a double-duty approach was in our best interests," UPS CEO Jonas Jones said. "With all the illegal immigration, selling tacos during the delivery process is just good business, and now the drivers can eat for free. This will allow us to close our company cafeteria and open up a bigger executive dining area."

UPS has begun phasing out the familiar brown vehicles and plans on a complete turnover of fleet within the next few months.

"The big brown trucks were our identity, but the times are changing and we need to keep up with the Jose's." added Jones. "Having a brightly painted truck with mariachi music blaring from the roof mounted speakers will give us the largest exposure to the taco buying public."

UPS is now quoting delivery times as "Manana".


Dr. Ralph said...

Do you think the readers of this blog will be confused by your post? Unt.

puttzle said...


undecided said...

If not, probably.

martha'smom said...

i think the new trucks should be franchised.Who wants to be the franchisor?

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