Friday, June 16, 2006

(Artist renedering)

SAN DIEGO (SOD/A) - Officials today announced an ambitious plan for developing the San Onofre area. With the addition of the toll road, the area will now be designated as a destination resort.

The crown jewel of the development will be the Osheen-Dome, an indoor ocean environment, complete with wave making machine. No more days without surf for the local practicioners, as the roof over the dome can be closed to shut out inclement weather and the wave making machine will crank out waves at a rate of one every 9 seconds.

Another unique feature is the volcano. Every fifteen minutes it smokes to life. Every hour, on the hour, it spews fake flames and oozes fake lava. There will also be water cannons, beach bars and boutiques, and statues that look like some Mexican pueblo.

At Mayor Murphy's urging, an 18 hole championship golf course is also part of the project. In exchange for his backing, Osheen-Dome will hire the Mayor to perform course marshalling duties on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Groundbeaking is scheduled for sometime in 2007 with a completion date of 2010.


save our SANO said...

It's about time. Put that innovative toll road to good use.

from4doors said...

hey! that looks just as crowded as the point on a friday morning

Brad Choy said...

About time we're moving into this century.

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