Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hey Titsonymous

This is as close as I could find.


Titsonymous said...

Now I'm worried about you.
That's not, er, close my friend.
Take it from an old farm boy.
That's a cock.

Brownhole can back me up on that.

brownhole said...

A cock it is.
And a prize one at that.

puttzle said...

Is a rooster (cock) not a 'chick'en?

I told you it was as close as I could get!

puttzle said...

It's an alternative lifestyle cock, he dresses as a chick on Saturdays.

daisy chain said...

Brown, you are such a twit.
If that ain't a huge cock I don't know what is.

titsonymous said...

found that chick with knockers myself

puttzle said...

Nice going!

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