Thursday, June 01, 2006

Puttzle's Corner

I'd like to take a moment and talk about people commenting as 'anonymous'. If you are taking the time to make a 'witty' comment (and that is up for debate also), take the time to come up with a witty moniker! Blogger has a setting, where only registered users can comment, in other words, you have to get a username from blogger. It's not that difficult of a thing to do. Or blogger has a "No Comments Allowed" setting, one which I do not want to utilize, because after all, comments are what we here at San-O Daze live for.

Here is what I am going to do. I will give you 'anonymous' people a few days to 'shape up or ship out'. Either get a username or come up with something a bit more catchy. Even a modification of anonymous will work. If I see continued abuse of the 'anonymous' name, I will switch to the 'only registered users can comment' setting.

UPDATE: Another alternative would be for any 'anonymous' comment to hit the trash can, be deleted, get axed, etc.

'Nuff said.


Puttzonymous said...

1. This comes just when things were getting good.

2. A bit edictal for someone other than BM, don't you think?

3. Is Anonymouse already taken?

puttzle said...

Anonymouse would work.

From what I hear, The blog monitor is on vacation and unavailable for comment.

puttzle said...

I started San-O Daze, I can be as edictal as I want to be, I view it as my baby, at least I did before BM showed up.

Dingonymous (a reformed misogamist) said...


Sadly, you are sounding more and more Blog Monitorish. I'm not saying you can't do as you wish, I'm just commenting on how you are sounding.

puttzle said...


marthanonymous said...

who cares simma down now your likey anyone reads this stuff.

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