Friday, June 09, 2006

St Peter looked up and over 1000 folks from New Orleans were converging on the Pearly Gates.

Never having had more than one or two persons a day from New Orleans before, he ran to God and asked him what to do.

God told him, "Don't worry St Peter, there's been a terrible flood in New Orleans. That's the reason for the large number of New Orleanians showing up at once."

St Peter ran back to the Pearly Gates and then ran right back to God yelling, "They're gone, they're gone!"

God said calmly, "St Peter, those 1000 people from New Orleans could not be gone that quickly."

St Peter said, "No, the Pearly Gates! They're gone!"

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levee nonymous said...

Sho nuff, we're goin to use them down by the levees to keep the water out.

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