Friday, July 14, 2006

Anyone We Know?

SAN CLEMENTE, Ca. (SODBOD) - Sheriffs are on the lookout for members of a machete-wielding gang in angry clown make-up after a rampage of robbery and violence that left nearly two dozen people injured in a park in northern San Diego county.

The group, who said they were "juggalos," devotees of the Detroit-based rap-metal group Insane Clown Posse, attacked and robbed visitors to San Onofre Park while shouting "Woo, woo, juggalo!" to each other, according to court documents.

Prosecutors in San Diego County charged three people with assault and robbery last week, but sheriffs in the City of San Clemente said they are searching for another eight to 10 suspects who took part.

According to sheriff reports, some members of the gang wore black hooded sweatshirts or clown make-up and told victims they would "cut their heads off" with machetes. They stole cash, wallets and cell phones, the reports said.

"We don't see too many attacks like this," said Sheriff's spokesman Sheriff Bob.

Juggalos often dress in black and wear clown face paint.


sherrif john said...

Who the hell is this Sherrif's Spokesman Bob.
Why is he handling "gang activity enforcement"?

Sheriff Bob for President! said...

Orange County Sheriff spokesman Sheriff Bob, who is on temporary assignment to San Diego County, is a fixture at San Onofre. He is handling gang activity enforcement because he is the leading authority on the subject.

Sheriff John watcher said...

Sheriff John, will you sing "Put another candle on your birthday cake"?

Atticus Finch said...

Sounds like the sequel to Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Plot synopsis for those who missed the original cult classic:

It was a night like any other in the small college town of Crescent Cove. Debbie and Mike were having a romantic evening at the "top of the world", the local make out spot for the town's college kids. Their romance is interrupted, however, when a meteor shoots across the sky right above them and lands just over a nearby hill. When they go to investigate, they discover a circus tent close to where the meteor landed. After snooping around inside the circus tent and finding a dead body wrapped in what appears to be cotton candy, they realize that there was no meteor and this is no circus tent, but some kind of spaceship. When they are chased by clown-like beings who shoot after them with popcorn guns and track them with a balloon bloodhound, their fears are horrifyingly confirmed. Soon after, calls begin pouring into the police station about clowns terrorizing the town by taking people away in giant balloons or turning them into cotton candy cocoons. Now it's up to Debbie, Mike and Dave (a local police officer), with a little help from the Terenzi brothers (the town goof balls and ice cream vendors), to stop these Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

sherriif john , lead tenor said...

Sure can. R U ready?

Put another candle on the birthday cake, the birthday cake, I'm another year older today....

watcher said...

close enough.

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