Monday, July 17, 2006

Beer Study III

SAN CLEMENTE (Reuters) - Two men who stole a fishing boat after missing their taxi had to be rescued off the California coast where they were going in circles because they did not know how to sail.

After hours at sea, the men called what they thought was the Coast Guard for help.

"They thought they were just off the coast of Hawaii," said Leo Nus, press officer of the U.S. Coast Guard.

In fact, the two were just 12 miles north of where they started in Dana Point, Nus told reporters Monday.

Lifeboats and a helicopter were sent out to rescue the men, who were detained by Orange County Sheriffs before being released. They were identified only as BK and Tubesteak.

They were later rearrested after the boat owner discovered massivie amounts of urine in his bilge.


90265 said...

Sorry about that Putzle, but I'd check your sources. BK would be involved, bkt not TUBESTEAK/MALIBU. FYI, this is not the first time BK nas run afoul with the law. He should be put away a long, long, time.

puttzle said...

Sorry 90265, but I stick by my sources, incorrect as they may be. I must admit to doing no further research, so I will check up on the facts, which as you pointed out, may be in error.

What happens if Sydney Carton, Esq. represents BK...

Perry Mason said...

As counsel for Tubesteak/Malibu, I'm going to have to ask you to stop harrassing my client. He does not drink beer, in order to call it drinking you have to swallow, he just simply pours it down his throat!

spokesman said...

Perry, you sure hava way with words, however, TUBESTEAK/90265 would not drink high school stuff such as Bud Lite. no sir, he
be guzzling Old English 800.

hal bees said...

He switched to that when Brew 102 went belly up.

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