Monday, July 24, 2006

Inflatable Art Takes Off

SAN ONOFRE (Reuters) - 13 people were injured when they fell from a huge inflatable sculpture after it broke its moorings and flew into the air in a park in north San Diego county, state park rangers said Monday.

Up to 30 people were inside the walk-in exhibit,
when a gust of wind blew it 30 feet above the park Sunday. Erected as part of the 16th annual Tubesteak/Malibu Art-A-Fair, the piece of artwork has been shown around the world.

"All of a sudden it just started rising like a balloon," witness Builder Bob told NBC television. "It was flinging people all over. Then it just seemed to flip over in the air."

The victims had been walking through the artwork with children when it took off. A three-year-old girl was also seriously injured in the freak accident.

"The inflatable exhibition broke its moorings and tipped those using it on to the ground," park rangers said in a statement.

Designed by artist Dingo Jones, the exhibit, called Dreamspace, is 18 feet high and made out of plastic sheeting. Half the size of a soccer field, it has walls that change color as visitors wander through its maze of corridors.

It was brought to earth after it drifted into a pole with a surfboard attached to it's top.


curious. said...

Good, they deserved what they got. Why didn't they try Lake Mead up in NV.

Scoop T. News said...

The mayor was nowhere to be found. We found out he was the last person to inspect the art work before opening it to the public.

voranzo moranzo commadore said...

YOWZAH! Saturday I saw a Sea Doo towing that awful Tubeseak contraption near the Dana Harbor until the yacht owners chased it away. One boat owner yelled, good riddance to bad rubbish.

sam conroy said...

Who yelled good riddance? And why?

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