Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Runaway Kangaroo on the Loose

SAN CLEMENTE (Reuters) - A kangaroo named Sydney is roaming the hills of Camp Pendleton after escaping a circus near the picturesque port of Dana Point.

"This kangaroo broke loose while they were bringing him from the cages to the Big Top. He decided to take a walk," said local fisherman Steve Da Ho.

Circus staff launched a fruitless four-hour search following the escape Sunday.

Authorities have confirmed that Sydney thumbed a ride with a local character called BK to the surfing park at San Onofre. When questioned, BK claimed "Hey, he looked like any other guy thumbing a ride, so I gave him one. We had a few beers on the way to the beach. He seemed like a nice guy."

There had since been one unconfirmed sighting of the animal, renamed "Hoppy" by locals and described as two and a half to three feet tall and dark in color.

"He would be happy out there and he'll have plenty of grass, plenty of water and plenty of sunshine," animal trainer Dr. Ralph told Reuters on Wednesday as Southern California basked in near record temperatures more typical of Sydney's native Australia than California's temperate maritime climate.

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