Sunday, August 20, 2006

Man Uses Oar on Horse Riders

SAN CLEMENTE, Ca. (Rueters) - Authorities are investigating a bizarre incident in which a man, apparently angered by two horse riders along the road, allegedly went after them with an oar.

Michele Snowe, of Talega, said she and her daughter, Bryanna, were riding on the San Onofre Surf Beach dirt road Wednesday when Snow waved for a truck to slow down as it drove toward them.

Witnesses told park rangers the driver, Steve N. Rollo of Dana Point, waved back then skidded to a stop, grabbed a wooden oar and went after the riders. They galloped away as several other angry people headed for them.

Mayor Murphy, interviewed on the 7th tee, told the San Clemente Sun that horses are not allowed on that stretch of road, or in the park at all. "We have enough of a problem with people bringing their dogs and leaving droppings all over the beach. Now horse manure?"

"This park is designated as a 'surfing beach', not a horse beach or dog beach," the Mayor said. "It doesn't surprise me. Ever since they developed Talega, things have changed for the worse, more than ever before." the Mayor continued. "When people disrespect the park, sometimes the locals feel the need 'educate' them. It seems to me that was the case in this instance."

County Health Czar Dr. Ralph added that increased manure means increased risk for bacterial and viral infections if a person comes in contact with the material. "This should be a concern for all county parks where dog and horse manure accumulate."

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