Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Park to Woo Customers with Roulette Game

SAN ONOFRE (Rueters) - California State Parks have long had a reputation for poor service but at least one is trying something new -- wooing customers with an opportunity to try their hand at Lady Luck.

A roulette wheel sits at the kiosk to the San Onofre Surfing Beach Park. A lucky spin and the customer wins free entrance.

"Using humans is impersonal and lacks communication," said a spokesman for the Park which is based in north San Diego county. "We wanted to add some fun."

The new service will start from September 13.

The roulette game is the Park's second shot at jazzing up its services. It launched a machine game last August, in which customers may win prizes of a free entrance or an annual pass.

"Our customers enjoy it very much," the spokesman said.

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Anonymous said...

Hey now, where do I sign up?

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