Friday, September 22, 2006

Couples line up for passion in a car on pole

SAN ONOFRE (Rueters) - Couples in southern California are writing out their dreams of passion for the chance to spend a night in a small car fitted with a bed and hoisted up on a pole.

For a free overnight stay, couples must write to the artist who converted the hatchback, and explain their romantic intentions, ranging from marriage proposals to re-enactments of teenaged backseat fumblings.

Dr. Ralph said he removed the seats of the Opel Kadett, squeezed a double bed into it and temporarily placed it on a pole previously used as a wind vane and to snag kites.

"I tried to make a space for real love," said Dr. Ralph. "You can have sex because it is a safe structure."

The car is not anywhere near San Onofre's famous Old Man's red light district, where scantily clad prostitutes display their charms, but it has received enough offers to be filled for six months. It is available until mid-October.

Local couple Wednesday Addams and Sydney Carton, Esq. said they recently spent a night in the car and at one point a passer-by tried to climb in with them. "He offered me $32,000 to fondle my breasts." said Addams.

"In cars a lot of aggressiveness takes place so to invite people to make love in the car, I think it is really nice," said Esquire Carton.


just me said...

Sydney is out of town until next week.

Perry Mason said...

Hmm, so is Dr. Ralph! Coincidence? I think not!

puttzle said...

Big deal, I've been out of town for over a year.

murphy said...

More like "OUTA TOUCH"!

puttzle said...

What did I do to you?!?

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

puttzle said...

Shut-up anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you.

bk broiler said...

A read letter day.

The little pestering maggot, "anonymous," blows his cool.

Too funny.

Worthy of a separate thread.

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