Friday, September 22, 2006

Court says $32,000 is too much to fondle bosom

SAN CLEMENTE (Rueters) - A fee of $32,000 is way too much for a woman to charge a man for fondling her bosom, a district court ruled yesterday.

The court fined the couple, identified as Wednesday Addams and Sydney Carton, Esq., $500 and court costs for charging a retiree who suffers from golfmentia the money to enjoy the woman's breasts on 10 occasions.

"Based on general life experience alone, it is indisputably clear that a $32,000 charge is disproportionate to the compensation in question," Judge Leo Nus, who heard the case, told Rueters Friday.

But he said the court in Laguna Niguel, would not decide "the proper financial value of the compensation."

The anonymous retiree filed charges against the couple, who were convicted of extortionate overcharging, even though he told the court he paid the price willingly at the time.

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