Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mayor's Offer to Film Movie Backfires

SAN ONOFRE (Rueters) - When moviemakers told San Onofre, California Mayor Murphy they wanted to use his office to film a scene with a superheroine, he kindly obliged.

But Murphy was startled when the movie's title, "Thong Girl 3," and his role in its making was splashed across the front page of Friday's editions of the San Clemente Sun newspaper.

"I had no idea what the movie was about," Murphy said on Friday. "They told me it was about a superhero woman and there was no nudity or offensive stuff in it. Other than that, I really didn't have a clue."

According to the Thong Girl Web site, heroine Tina Layonme wears a red thong under a cape as she flies over San Onofre repelling Talegalites who are trying to learn how to surf and taking over the surf beach in the process. The movie, distributed by BK Productions of San Clemente, California, is the third in a series released only on DVD.

"They said it was family friendly," said Murphy who let the locally-based crew use his office for two hours. "We've had a lot of movies filmed in this area during the past few years. In fact, I think Tubesteak was in one of them. Anyhow, I thought it was good for business."

Residents have not been unkind, Wright said.

"Well, it's sure true that no good deed goes unpunished but most of my e-mails about this haven't been bad."


Anonymous said...

Thong Girl 3 web site is a work of art, thank you for the wonderfull job!!

El Canejo

Anonymous said...


sol leiberman said...

Mayor, you should of commanded scale plus ten.
You were not only socko but boffo.

murphy said...

"COWABUNGA"! That was my first thought when I had seen want the movie was all about!

Moon Phase