Sunday, September 10, 2006

SAN CLEMENTE, Ca. - A woman who learned six weeks before her wedding that her fiance, identified as Sydney Carton, Esq., was cheating on her, is turning her would-be reception into a charity benefit.

"I'm really just trying to turn it around and make something positive out of it," said Wednesday Addams.

Addams, had planned to celebrate her nuptials at the Basin Harbor Club in Dana Point on Saturday. When she found out about her fiance, she called off the 180-guest wedding and the four-year relationship.

She and her mother canceled the band, photographer and florist, but learned they would not be reimbursed for the reception and block of rooms they had reserved. So they turned the reception into a benefit for the San Onofre Surf Club, an international relief organization that aims to combat poverty.

They sent out invitations to 125 people for drinks and a gourmet four-course dinner. In exchange, they hope the guests will make donations to the Club.


Moe the Toe said...

That's great news, now I won't have to work all winter,

com. von moran said...

Thank you very much, but the Yacht Club does not accept charitable donations.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

My mistress is the sea.

Anonyous - link to my blog said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Your mistress is the sea.
Then tell "the sea" she left her panties in your car for your fiance to find.

Anonymous said...

. . . I must inprove my speling.

Wednesday Addams said...

Thank goodness the guys at San-O Daze have been so comforting in my time of need, stopping by late at night with bottles of Tequila.

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