Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Your Change to own a Piece of Tubesteak

MALIBU, California (Rueters) - Fashion icon, surf legend and actor Tubesteak is clearing his Malibu home of its Gothic contents and reshaping his life in a giant garage sale.

Following a trend set by rock star Elton John, Tubesteak is selling off nearly 800 items from stage costumes to gem encrusted jewelry, works of art, furniture and even a white 1979 Ford Econoline Van in an auction expected to raise more than $1 million.

"This is a lot more than a garage sale. Apart from the dresses and jewels there are Old Masters and architectural drawings," said BK of BK's auctions.

"He has a huge following. He is an icon. His career in film, water and fashion has spanned nearly four decades," he told Rueters.

The sale is being jointly organized by Sotheby's New York office and BK's of San Clemente.

Among the items on show are several dresses worn by Tubesteak during his role in Tootsie at the San Clemente Playhouse and designed by Bob Mackie. White and yellow gold rings and necklaces and a book of architectural drawings by 19th century Gothic Revivalist Augustus Pugin are among other items.

"He decided a while ago that he wanted to sell off a few things and change his style, and it grew from that to this collection of nearly 800 items in total," BK said.

"He is redecorating his home, going for a Moroccan-Tibetan look and selling the Gothic revival items," he added.

Not all the money from the sale will go back into Tubesteak's home, an undeclared but "substantial" portion will go to San Onofre Surfing Beach to pave "the old dirt road", BK said.


Anonymous said...

TUBESTEAK does not come cheap. Minimum bid $50,000.00.

engrish teacher said...

It's "Chance to own a piece,"
not "Change to own a piece" you idiot! Geeze, even the San Clemente local rag can get the headlines right.

puttzle said...

Sorry English teacher, the headline is correct. You can use your CHANGE to buy a piece of Tubesteak! In other words, you dimwit, some stuff is priced starting at $0.25, so use your coin, change, whatever you want to call it.

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