Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rangers move to protect "mystical shack" from attacks

SAN ONOFRE, California (Rueters) - State Park Rangers have slapped a cordon around a landmark shack after members of a Muslim youth group attacked it to prove it had no special mystical powers.

The mayor of San Onofre filed a complaint with rangers after youths hacked and damaged the nearly 100-year-old shack, in a bid to dispel rumors the shack harbored special powers.

"The Parks Service tried hard not to level the shack when we installed new fire rings. It is almost 100 years old and it is important for the environment," said Ranger D. Ephriam, spokeman for the park.

"Later, rumors spread that the park service was unable to destroy the shack because it has supernatural powers and is sacred," Ranger Ephriam said.

Anonymous, chairman of the United Islam Youth, said the group had carried out the attack to counter superstitions surrounding the shack.

"It is not a matter of knocking down the shack, but this is to counter popular beliefs such as if (we) touch it, (we) will get surf or your board will break."


I see what I want to see! said...

Why would they put a condom on a landmark?

henny penny said...

This shark malarky must stop, it's like reading the boy who cried wolf over and over.

puttzle said...

Henny, your have your 'r' in the wrong place. This post is about the shaCk, not shaRk. But we can use the 'r' in Dingo's posts comments.

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