Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two 16-foot sharks spotted

Looks like Fluffy and Sparky are back...

San Onofre (Rooters) Lifeguards spotted two 16-foot-long gray colored sharks around 9 a.m. yesterday at San Onofre Surfing Beach Park.

Officials closed the beach due to the shark sightings.

Despite the closing and the lifeguards warning to swimmers and surfers, several who were there stayed in the water, said Wednesday Addams, county spokeswoman.

Sharks have been known to eat fish, other sharks and humans.

Normal feeding habits were the likely reason the sharks were there, said Addams.

Lifeguards advice should be heeded at all times, officials at the Department of Land and Natural Resources said.

Lifeguards can't physically tell people to get out of the water, Addams said. They can only tell people there are sharks.

The last time a shark sighting at San Onofre happened was a whitish shark spotted in June, Addams said.

The first reported shark-related fatality happened May 21, 1981, when Dr. Ralph Sr. disappeared while scuba diving in the area. His dive gear and shredded wetsuit were recovered. The last reported shark-related fatality was on April 7, 2004.

When sharks are spotted, Addams said, the safest choice is to get out of the water. Though it can ruin your plans for that beach that day, there are always other places to go, she said.

If you spot a shark and there are no lifeguards to notify, call the police at 241-1711.

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