Friday, November 10, 2006

Back in Puttzle's Corner

Alright already, I have returned comments to their former state. No moderation. Thanks for everyone's comments during the SHORT moderation period. I did not reject a single one, and as you can see, most that were about comments were not real supportive of my actions. I imagine you same folks will not be supportive of the continuation of my deleting.

I do however retain the right to delete what I consider inappropriate comments. Now before you all get your panties in a bunch about that, realize that I do not just willy-nillily delete things that I don't agree with. Be real. Those who have been around awhile should know that I leave comments that make fun of us. In the close to two years of having the blog, I think I have deleted less than one handful of comments. Each and every one was an attack on firemen and had absolutely nothing to do with what was posted. Hmmm, something I do not agree with! Yes, they also were attacks on Dr. Ralph, but when they strayed beyond him is when they got out of hand. It is obvious to me that Anonymous has some personal grudge against Dr. Ralph. I am not supplying a forum for someone like that on San-O Daze. It's enough dealing with Dingo and his posts!

I'll tell you what. From now on, any comment I plan to delete I will simply move to anonymous' blog, since it will be from that person. I'll even let all of you know that I did and provide a link. That's the most I'm willing to do. If however, someone wants to buy us out and take over the blog, we will entertain legitimate offers.


Slim Jim said...


See, that is what I was afraid of.
Dingo might have been next.

{sigh of relief}



just my opinion said...

It's not my blog and not my decision, but you have probably found the best solution.

daily reader said...


Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

Little did you know how much "fun" there would be for you personally by giving of your time to create and run a blog so that others could enjoy, and join in, it.

blog monkey said...

I've enjoyed many of the anonymous posts.
However, I am in therapy and they won't let me use a knife, even in helping to prepare food here at the hospital.

Dr Ruth said...

Probably one day we will find out that anonymous is some guy that is angry at firefighters because his parents wouldn't let him fulfill his dream of being one. They wouldn't even let him get a dalmation puppy.

Peter North said...

I clicked the link to anonymous' blog.
I went to comment.
*He* does NOT allow anonymous comments.
Now THAT'S funny!

Brownhole said...

Loved your latest video.
Keep up the good work.

sharecropper said...

what? no submarine?

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