Saturday, November 18, 2006

San Clemente - (Royters) - Dr. Ralph has thrown some outrageous parties, but his latest tops them all. To mark the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, he filled his back yard pool with wine and invited his guests to sample this year's batch.

Guests came from all over the world, with one of the largest contingents hailing from Japan. Fifty invited guests attended the charity event, which was held to benefit the Tubesteak for President committee. The multi-talented Tubesteak enthralled the assembled with witty vignettes based on his life on the beach at Malibu and work in the entertainment world. He even performed one entirely in Japanese to the delight of everyone who could understand.

Next up on Dr. Ralph's party agenda is a night of women's pate wrestling, with Anna Nicole Smith as the main attraction.


sweet-n-low said...

Reaally recycling old crap here. This picture from an old news story.

Dr. Browneye said...

Hey sweet-n-low! Maybe you and anonymous should get together, you two seem to think alike!

puttzle said...

I do believe we have another anonymous sweet-n-low imposter!

This was not from an old news story, it was from a few days ago. See?

Lionel A. Cribari said...

Finally, we have swayed the orientals away from Sake. Downside is that your cab or pinot from the local Korean market is going up a buck a bottle.


tubesteak *ACCEPTS ANY AND ALL NOMININATIONS* for president, especially if it concerns SOSC. repent surfing, the end is near!

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