Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our reader's locations. Thank you.


Carmen San Diego said...

I like this posting for two resons:
1. Any story involving Dr. Ralph is worth reading, and
2. It actually has something to do with surfing for a change.

it smells in hear said...

Puttzle views a chart
showing reader interest level
as the posting topics change
surfing/ boobs/ aliens/Dr. Ralph
charts of our readers locations

puttzle said...

Smelly, the chart was in response to an earlier comment about people in the Middle East and Europe who may read this blog. It has nothing to do with 'interest level'...

Doctor Three, aka it smells said...

Puttzle, the chart was, IMO, about reader's interest level in seeing charts as to readers' locations.

Put another way, no one wants to see charts about where readers' live. Put another way, keep the postings to the list of approved topics previoulsy posted by someone. It included, since I do not know how to search for it, surfing, boobs, aliens, Dr. Ralph, or perhaps one of the best posts yet, the submarine.

Which reminds me, Did Sydney drink himslef to death or something? When was the last time he posted?

Who the heck is Dr. Too? Someone coming back to give more shit to Dr. Ralph? Jeeze, give it up. Ralphs not so bad.

celeb whisperer said...

Dr. Three is right you know.

puttzle said...

"...keep the postings to the list of approved topics previously posted by someone."

Clue me in, what list was that? As the creator, I know of no such list for this blog. There is a 'no-no' list.

If you can't figure out who Dr. Too is, you are not paying attention, it's a no-brainer.

Please check my picture for further input.

smelly said...

Puttzle, there was a list of "approved topics" posted as a comment to a post. It was clever.

I don't recall the 'no-no' list.

Too. Okay. But now I used up my thinking for the day.

You didn't tell me what happened to Sydney.

puttzle said...

See the post from Wednesday for Sydney's dilemma.

Someone commenting has no place making up a list of 'approved topics'!

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