Monday, April 09, 2007

Fisherman catches massive squid

SAN ONOFRE, California (Rueters) - A colossal half-ton squid, believed to be the largest ever caught, was captured recently by Dingo, fishing in his favorite area off the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

"I was just trying to catch a mutant halibut like I normally do. All of a sudden I felt a terrific pull. It was like I was having a tug-of-war with BK and Tube," said Dingo.

Expert Dr. Ralph said the squid had weighed in at 1,089 pounds and measured 33 feet long — heavier but shorter than initial estimates of 990 lbs and 39 feet.

At the time it was caught, Dr. Ralph said it would make calamari rings the size of tractor tires if cut up, but they would taste like ammonia.


Anonymous said...

Attn: Dingo Bingo, Big Kook would win the TUG O' WAR hands down. He drinks San Onofre Surfing Club's sponsered beer, Bud Light.
Hey Dingo Bingo, what happened to Sal Geeze, is he still alive n' kicken'?

Six Toe Surfer said...

Did it have a extra tenacle???

Anonymous said...

Hi-Ho, everybody. JJMoon has six toes, did you know that?

Six Toe Surfer said...

Which FOOT ??

Anonymous said...

Yo, 6', is that illustration
squid or squeed. I'm flying to HI, would want to be right-on with my pronounciation. Thanks, 6'.



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