Friday, April 06, 2007

This March 2007 photo released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows Dr. Chris Ralph of NOAA's West Coast Fisheries Science Center in Dana Point, Ca., holding a 38-inch ruler up to a giant shortraker rockfish. The fish, according to NOAA, was caught in mid-March by Dingo, fishing from his surfboard at night just west of the San Onofre Power plant.


Sweet-N-Low said...

You know when I move real slow, I can swear the eyes are following me.

Very nice... :)


Who said that RADIATION is not a good thing???

Anonymous said...

Hey, six toe, is your real name JJ Moon. Well, how about it?

Viva La Raza said...

No ESSAY, I am not this JJ !!

It was either the Tijuana slues crossing into the land of plenty or Sano that grew the Seis appendenge!!

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