Friday, May 18, 2007

Puttzle's Corner

I'm back and ready to rant. These damned politicians are ruining our country! I would be interested in seeing some kind of national referendum that truly gauges the feelings of Americans regarding this so-called amnesty for illegals. I'd bet the MAJORITY of Americans are against just willy-nilly giving illegals citizenship. Put it up for a vote among everyone. Problem is it will never happen as the people that are in power have some hidden agenda to make the illegals legal and I'd bet it ends in their pockets.

Discuss among yourselves. That is all.


Dingo said...

Both Republicans and Democrats!

Republicans want the cheap labor.

Democrats see a new dependant underclass to throw freebies at and exploit.

All for votes at the expense of United States citizens.

el pendejo said...

Putzie, yous'e better get wit da' times. My name is 'Paco' Nunez and this is mi amigo, Gilbeto Sedillo. We are elected officials running California Norte. So Putzie, wake up and smell the chorizo!

HT said...

Puttzle,Dingo; You don't know how right you are!!!! It's going to be a mess!! I didn't think I would live long enough to see what is going to happen! But, this is going to be more than anyone is ready for!!!

Nunez and Villlagorsa, where is the fuel said...

It all started when the big liberal Jimmy Carter gave Social Security to the poor down fallen Cubans who invaded our country and oh yea he gave them homes also!!!

If you country is so difficult then overthrow the bastards like we need to do, Oh wait that is anarchy I am speaking!!!

Since I am a old vet screw them and I will talk like I feel!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Old Vet, you got cajones, alright.

Anonymous said...

the race card makes it impossible for people to voice their true opinions, but what don't mexicans and liberals understand about illegal?

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