Tuesday, July 03, 2007


SAN CLEMENTE (Rueters) - Sheriff's officers in the Southern California city of San Clemente were surprised to see a car passing by with a man sitting on a bicycle on its roof.

The driver and his wife, when stopped by officers, said they heard a noise while waiting at a traffic light, but did not realize they were taking on an extra passenger.

The man, identified as BK, took the free ride after drinking at San Onofre beach, a popular hangout for drinkers and was fined for public drunkenness, not carrying an identity card and providing a false identity to the police.


graydon carter said...

HEY NOW! Wtf is Rueters doing with local news, tell me that please.

Bahtanonymous said...

Not carrying an identy card? PLEEZE!
He carries three - - -
with different identies on each.
Get real.

Anonymous said...

That Gotdamm BIGKOOK sure is a typical SANO beach bum.

Hooray for BK
Hooray at last
Hooray for BK
He's a horses ass

Moon Phase