Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Park Closure Update

Dingo and Archy Rice successfully lobbied for a temporary re-opening of San Onofre. I took this picture this morning at Old Man's. As the throngs of people who missed going to the beach can attest to, folks miss the beach and park. According to news reports, the guvonator is allowing the park to stay open for this week only, then it's done, no extensions (except for the coming toll road), no special groups, no nothing.


Anonymous said...

Like, that's really our San Onofre. Why would they want to shut her down, it just doesn't seem fair. Curiously, does the trips to State Capitol to confer with Gov. come out of our club treasury, or what? It, as stated above, doesn't seem quite fair. Does SANODAZE have a logical explaination?

idiot said...

To quote mc250c, IDOTS!!!!!

puttzle said...


Moon Phase