Friday, January 04, 2008


I guess this will be reaching an all-time low point here at San-O Daze. I have found, but am unable to watch, the grossest video on the net. Click here AT YOUR OWN RISK! Do so on an empty stomach and/or have a trashcan or toilet nearby...and I mean nearby, like right next to you. I don't want to know if some of you can watch it all. I stopped about 5 seconds in, when the cup showed up. ANYONE IN MY FAMILY SHOULD NOT CLICK THE LINK!!!!



A couple ears of corn the night before can really enhance the experience.

barf said...

And the reason you are bringing this to us is?

Murph's Dad said...

The video has rendered me impotent and unable to ever view a naked woman again. My attorney will be contacting you shortly.

NnaCcM Yrret said...

It's the greatest thing you have ever posted Puttzle!

gouged one eye out said...

Please post twenty things so this shit get buried.
No, really.
For the love of God, please.

Now I know how it works said...

The human asshole, what an amazing engineering wonder!

Anonymous said...

What took so long to get this on SANODAZE, it's timely plus it grabs those knumbskulls who read this. Did anyone notice the ethnicity of the actors?

nnaccm yrret said...

I can only speak for myself. I enjoyed that video clip posted by puttzle. I really did. Here’s a picture of me enjoying it.

offended said...

ny, please use a different name.

sppoh cire said...


Dr. Ralph said...


Ron Jeremy said...

Dude. Seriously. You are looking for love in the wrong part of the internet.

wake up neo . . . said...


Let me give you some unsolicited advise.

Delete this post as soon as possible.


Because you can lay a thousand bricks, and no one may call you a brick layer.

You can teach a dozen children, and no one may call you a teacher.

But you post just one perverted video - no matter what words go with it, and all the world thinks you get sexual pleasure by watching a couple of chicks excrete shit and eat it.

puttzle said...

Is that what the video is about???? I had no idea! I cannot watch it. Label me how you want and thanks for the advice.

Sweet-N-Low said...

Whole new respect my man!!!

What are you people crying about? Can't you READ? It says, and I might add in very large letters "WARNING"

Yet you clicked on it anyway to watch , than call him the pervert for posting it.

Besides Neo, how exactly do you know he's a pervert?

wake up neo . . . said...

It didn't say that, in large letters, etc., when I clicked on it. He (wisely) changed it some after comments were posted.'''

I could say that if that is what he's bringing to the blog to share, there is no doubt; but I only said that people would THINK he's a pervert, I didn't say he was one.

It didn't give me a whole new respect for him because he posted it. I would have more respect if he deleted it, but that is, of course, just my opinion.

Sweet-N-Low said...

How do you know so much about being a pervert that you could say "no doubt"? Just because it may have been sexually gratifying to you doesn't mean it was to him.

While I'm asking questions, how exactly do you "know" what people would think of him? Because I'd really like to know what my future has to hold for me this year.

One last question, have you ever in your entire life won or participated in a FARTING contest? Try it, you might just see the humor in it.


wake up neo . . . said...

Ah, it takes one to know one say you. O' contrare say I. I can sit on a jury and judge whether someone is guilty of being a murderer without being one myself.

If you bring pictures of motorcyles to the group to share, most people will beleive that you like motorcycles. It's not rocket science were talking here.

If you bring a perverted video to share with a group, the same logic holds true as to what most people will think of you, except they will forget that you ever brought the motorcylce pictures before that.

A farting contest you say? Could we maybe start out with something like maybe drinks or say lunch first?

Sweet-N-Low said...

You're absolutely right, you can sit on a jury and judge the guilt of a murderer without being one. But you can't judge him as a murderer without solid evidence proving without reasonable doubt that he/she did in fact commit the murder.

I can find a murder weapon bring it to the authorities and still not be the murderer. I can be a suspect, but it doesn't make me a murderer. Aren't we all "innocent" until Proven Guilty.

Going by your logic, out of the 14 people that posted here. You're the only one that referred to it as a perverted video. Some didn't like it, some did, some questioned it and some just commented on it.

So I ask again, how do you know for fact that he's a pervert? And how do you know for fact that other people think he's one too?

One man's trash is another man's treasure. It doesn't mean that it's trash, nor does it mean that it's a treasure.

All it means is that it's one single person's opinion.

We all know what opinion's are like, Assholes; everybody has one.


Sweet-N-Low said...


Drinks first, we can see how it goes. Intelligence and a sense of humor, you have my attention.


puttzle said...

You are correct, neo, the original post did not have bold letters! I did however, post a warning of some sort in the text for the posting. I also said I was unable to watch more than 5 seconds of it. I only passed it on for journalistic reasons.

wake up neo . . . said...

Yes, in a court of law, innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; but in the court of public opinion, they use a lower standard.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are right about that too. Let me ask something. You're familiar with the quote "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?" Cannot that also be read to mean that there is actual/true beauty to be seen, not just a form of beauty dependent solely upon interpretation? Therefore, necessarily, are there not some things that are the opposite of true beauty, no matter who's doing the beholding, or no matter what label is placed upon it? Are there not absolutes at either end of the spectrum? And if so, that video has to be at or near the end of the spectrum. But even without an absolute standard at the end of the spectrum, people who really eat what they were supposedly eating in that video are considered mentally ill.

I don’t know that he is a pervert. I know that you know that I only said that people will think he is one. I still think that they will. Perhaps the best explanation that he might have offered for posting it, should he have been so inclined, would have been to say that it was in the vein of other shocking videos, like “faces of death” or snuff films, or mention websites that contain nothing but images of gross things. But even then, all reasons he might offer still will leave most people wondering what is wrong with him, or thinking that he is at least a little bit strange.

So I guess you talked me down from “all” to just “most.” I have enjoyed our exchange. I do still think that most (and nearly all) people will think that was one sick video clip. Also, in my opinion (if I say that phrase, does it mean I lost?), most people will think there is something wrong in someone who not only views it in the privacy of their own home, but then shares its viewing with a group of other people. I feel strongly enough about my opinion that I would be unwilling to show that clip to a hundred people, particularly in person, in order to conduct a survey as to what they thought of someone who was sharing that video with others - because then, of course, I would be a person sharing that video and hence, subject to that same opinion (under such circumstances, perhaps with good cause).

Now then, on the other hand, watching, in person, Puttzle show that clip to a hundred strangers on the street, one at a time, might be funny. But he’s not using my laptop to do it, because there’s too much of a chance that some guy will punch him in the nose and he might drop my laptop.

see ny's picture enjoying it said...

Journalistic reasons?
Cuz we needed to know & see for ourselves?
That makes sense.
I would have been ever so sad to have gone to my grave without seeing that.

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