Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tubesteak to Run For Office

Mr. Tube Steak has announced his intention to run for the San Onofre Surf Club Board of Directors. Issues on his platform include paving the old dirt road, installing parking meters and abolishing the SOSC BOD, once he takes over the club presidency with his running mate BK, contingent on BK staying out of the slammer.

While we at San-O Daze hold the legend Tubesteak in the highest regard, we cannot in good conscience support his candidacy. Maybe if he got a snack stand built.


Spin Evans said...

Mr. Steak, you can count on my vote, however I would like to see bidet's in the latrines and perhaps bathroom attendants handing our warm towels. A cigar bar would be a nice touch also. The Big Kook would not be my first choice for your running mate, but I will support him only if you take away his car keys for the duration.

salami chub said...

Good morning, Spin. Okay, would you vote for Henry Ford Esq. to rid the beach of the BOD? Spin, you're not the only one objecting to BK. He got more objections than the Giant dogs of Old 'Nohre last Saturday. I must side with him, he hates slobbering huge restless dogs more than I.

Anonymous said...

Spin, you're way too young to remember previous days at The Malibu. The County installed bidets behind The Gidge's Shrine. Fain and those guys thought it was a drinking fountain. As you know, Gidget's Shrine was Tube's palm frond shach.

alvin seemore said...

it is my right to have the concession to sell faggot aqua sox and homo booties.

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