Monday, July 21, 2008


Evidently, previous posts were extremely hurtful to Pretzel aka Marty Markham. It has always been my understanding that San-O Daze was strictly satire, comedy, poking fun and teasing of people, places and things. Making a farce out of the goings on at San Onofre has been the mantra. I was thoroughly dressed down by Pretzel on Saturday and he let it be known to all that he is pissed off and that I am an evil person. Meant to be funny previous posts regarding Pretzel's hero worshiping and questioning his manhood were taken extremely personal by him and he is very angry and obviously hurt. San Onofre is not the place to harbor bad feelings.

Pretzel, on behalf of everyone at San-O Daze, I am formally apologizing for anything we have ever posted about you that may have been hurtful. It was supposed to be all in fun and I can now fully understand that you did not take it that way. Hopefully you are man enough to accept my apology. I invite you to discuss this face to face if you wish and iron out any ill will.

Puttzle aka Spin Evans?


salted or plain said...

Man this guy pretzel must be twisted!

Spin Evans said...


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Puttzle aka spin evens?

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