Friday, July 25, 2008

More San-O Walk Of Fame Info

SAN ONOFRE, California (PU) - During a second press conference in two days, the SOSC BOD and top state officials unveiled a marker like those that will adorn the new San Onofre Walk of Fame. To honor of recent addition to the Huntington Beach Hall of Fame of Richard Chew, the marker is adorned with his name.

"While this is not the final product, we felt it appropriate to honor Rich while we sorted through different ideas," SOSC BOD member Ranger Ephraim said.

When asked when names may be submitted to the selection committee, Ranger Ephraim was non-committal. "We are still in the process of forming the committee. We would like to include some of the inland empire folks in the selection process, but we need to wait for the weekend when they typically come to the park. Hopefully by next week we will have a working group and can start the nominations."

Ranger Ephraim was also asked about the loss of the 26 parking spaces. "They really aren't going to be 'lost'. Each inductee onto the Walk will receive a free parking place, reserved for their use only, as well as a 'Legend's Pass', which will allow them and their families free passage into the park."



Hey, hey, hey. What are they giving away Legend's placards like there's no tomorrow or what?.

my space said...

This is total and irrevokale kaka de toro. What does one do to be recognized as a Legend. Like, how much must cough up to be a Walk Of Fame Legend inductee, anyways. tO ME, That sure would be the epitome of Legendhood.

dr. insomnia esq. said...

I cain't believe you
hoi-pollois treat Walk of Famer's with such indignity. It take years to achieve a special spot in Surfing, then have it defamed with a very tawdry trail marker. Murphy and SANODAZE successfully made a mockery of Surfing Famers. Congratulations fellows, and thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I want to volunteer fot Legend's Aceptance Committee Founder's
Committee, or a Inern position?

Anonymous said...

I dont much like drinking and coomenting on subjex. Plese scuse me. i'M SOORY



yuuccckkk said...

Just what we need, a bunch more guys with big heads.

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