Thursday, August 07, 2008


The news from Mexico is not good. Not good at all. An extensive search for Spin has been called off after authorities found his battered kayak washed up on the beach. The kayak was essentially "bit in two" by what they are saying was a great white shark. Officials are presuming Spin is lost. We at San-O Daze have not given up hope and are planning our next move. Dr. Ralph has offered his services to lead a search party.

Once again, we ask for your prayers for Spin's safe return, or at least the returns of any remains.


Anonymous said...

Puttzle, "They are saying".
Wit just a moment, before you attempt to put the fear of Gawd in us, who the hell are they. Don't say a loosely applied pronoun.

ogre said...

Spin, had you thougt of opening up a San Onofre stye restaurant. I honestly feel you'll make a fortune. Or , at least a million dollars. Imagine this, you'll never have to work another day the rest of your life. What say you?

who knows little said...

Me thinks Spin has faked his death. After a trace on his credit card revealed he was staying at s-curves hotel as recently as last night. On a side note, it may be much worse, a woman known only as Miss Dolly Zig-Zag was taking up camp in the attached room. More info is needed before any conclusive conclusions can be concluded.

miss pelling said...

Wit just a moment? Anonymous you're a joke. What kind of word is WIT? Didn't you mean WAIT? You're always bashing someone else for their spelling. Who's the fool now?

puttzle said...

"They" refers to the authorities, isn't that pretty obvious?

Anonymous said...

Miss Spelling, I think Anon' #1 is refering to Tom Witt


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