Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This ancient burning vessel was uncovered at San-O after the recent rains. Excavation work has already begun.


beach mafia said...

Keep that sucker buried! Besides, Jimmy Hoffa might be buried in it!

Anonymous said...

Thats an ancient septic system from the BMB years, Way before Jimmy H. They were know to through gold in it to please the gods. Good luck boys. Hop you later!

U.R. Shittenmee said...

Finally, an original post and photo, things are looking up.

curly doll said...

wow they found it !!
are there any more

Stand up commedian sitting down said...

A little boy, wearing a big red fire hat, was riding a toy fire truck down the beach. The truck was being pulled by a Labrador Retriever. Unfortunately, the rope was tied around the dog's nuts, and as a consequence, the truck was going very slowly. A man walking down at water's edge noticed how slowly the boy was being pulled and said to him, ''You know, son, that truck would go a lot faster if the rope was tied around your dog's neck.''
The boy nodded in agreement and said, ''But then there wouldn't be a siren and Uncle Tube wouldn't hear us comin'.''

BIG DICK said...

'Comedian', Uncle Tubes would hear you coming alright. He has his ear to the ground at all times. Like, the 'Orange Blossem Special' comin' round the bend.

QUESTION: said...

When you apply for Welfare in Mexico, Lebanon, Somalia or Africa... what does that Government give you?

Answer: a map of how to get to the United States.

Penus Erectus said...

Tubestaek goes into Walmart to buy some Viagra.

'Can I have 6 tablets, cut in quarters?'

'I can cut them for you' said the pharmacist '

But a quarter tablet will not give you a full erection. '

'I am 86' said Tube'. 'I don't want an erection.

I just want it sticking out far enough so I don't piss on my slippers.'

GONG said...


QUESTION: said...

How do you stop your next door neighbors children from jumping your fence?

ANSWER: Molest them.


But, what if?

Stand up Comm. said...

Putzle and Dingo are getting ready to paddle out. Putzle says ``Hey, guess what! I got a new longboard for my wife!'' Dingo replies ``Great trade!!!!''

Standup Comm said...

Reasons Why Surfboards Are Better Than the Opposite Sex...

Surfboards curves never sag.

Surfboards last longer.

Surfboards don't get pregnant.

You can ride a Surfboards any time of the month.

Surfboards don't have in-laws.

Surfboards don't care about how many other surfboards you have ridden.

Surfboards don't care about how many other surfboards you have.

Boats don't mind if you look at other surfboards, or if you buy surfboard magazines.

If you say bad things to your surfboard, you don't have to apologize before you can ride it again.

You can ride a surfboard as long as you want and it won't get sore.

Surfboards don't care if you are late.

You don't have to take a shower before riding your surfboard.

Anonymous said...

Get it togther guys. This photo is of the foundation for the new 241 toll road. We will be seeing alot of the 909 area codes coming in. I heard they are building a 500 car lot to shuttle in people. No more line in the summer! Isn't that great!! As we all know parking is crowded at Sano.
Hop you later!

shitfaced magoo said...

Thats right! As part of the porkulus package Osama approved a 16 lane 241 to put you lazy beer swizzlin' surf nazi's to work. It will also provide much needed shade at outside old mans helping to reduce the skin cancer problem. Messiah has all the answers doesn't he?

TA DA said...

So, Tubes was sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth in his rocker, "My teeth may be gone, but thank heavens I still have my memory, knock on wood". Tubes knocks on the arm of his chair. "Who's there?".

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