Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Want Surf?

Some guy surfing.


Anonymous said...

Why is his penis hanging out?

Orale Ese said...

Q: How do you get a Mexican out of the bath tub?
A: Throw in a bar of soap.

TA DA said...

Two older dudes were standing at adjacent urinals when one said to the other,"I'll bet you were born in Peoria Illanois. "Why that's right", said the second man. And I'll bet you were circumcised when you were three years old." "Right again, but how'd you know?"
And I'll bet it was done by old Doc Steadman." Sure was, but...." "Well, old
Doc always cut them at a sixty-degree angle, and you're pissing on my shoe."

Anonymous said...

Puttzle, we know you're in charge of this once revered blog. Now you have Paul Rodriguez and the 'Unkown Comic' turning this into the Comedy Store. Cancel my subscription immediatly. Thank you.


Incomplete said...

Knock, Knock?

Who's there?


Murphy who?

(Nothing seems to work here)

Anonymous said...

Who threw the overalls in Murphy's chowder.


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