Friday, July 24, 2009

Murphline Today

The expected huge swell has yet to hit San Onofre as seen by this morning's video. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, for Pete's sake Ol'Nofre is 12'+ straight across, top to bottom. You cannot get out. Go back home, wait for the cherry pit spitting contest put on by the Club.Especially if you are ocver 40 and have a gray pony-tail.

leRoy washington lincoln said...

Say Amen! Thanks to State of CA and Surf Club of San
Onofre I was denied access to the beach for recreational visit with family. I suffer terribly from a cripplin' disease for life. I journeyed miles to the beach, was turned away by a volunteer Ranger Cadet. I said look at the blue placard. His reply was that pass was no good here, go get in the long line. It is the middle of summer, I hace a case of the vapors, he wants me to sit in a dirt laden area. I can not walk to the comfort station. I explained to him there's a dozen blue reserved parking. He laughed, saying the Surfing Club had them torn down. Well, I know who to call, because SOSC BOD, State of CA, and ten John Does are going to pay for my new home on Beach Rd.

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SAN O user said...

OK blue card holder that works when u r the onnly one there in the dead of wenter u dont whate in line in summer when 40 or more BLUE cardes have shone up u have 2 wate like rest of us or u can go wate in the speciel line & by the whay the hole park is dirt so if u can't wate up on top in the dirt way did u come at & 2 talk about sue the park 4 your new home on luck 2 u if u suffer so much stay IN LAND U DUMB ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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