Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It is EPIC this morning. Just watch. More tomorrow. Look for our new Poche and Cotton's Point cams coming soon!


tommy said...

Another major breaktrough by San-O Daze. Live surf repoprts, Gumbo's coming down with his entire family, dog pounds, maybe they can reform the dilapdated palm frond shack. Tony has his application to the State so he can bring a catering truck down here. Looks like endless lines longer waits. One upside, Terry Baerd secures hunself a position working the kiosk weekends..

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's 'Nofre alright. Blown out, jumk swell, crowded, they just won't learn. Fellas' go to Swami, Solana Beach Jetty, Topanga Beach, Arroyo Sequit, Gummoo Reef, Hammond's Reef, just stay away from that dead end street San Onofre.
Shucks, Cottons isn't that far nor is Trestles. You must untie your mother's
apron strings. Set youself free before it's too late.

Jingermill Fim said...

I was sure that that guy that got caught inside at the 26 second point of the video was going to drown! Wow! I can't see how he made it! He was buried in tons of whitewater! Incredible!

WAVE HOG said...

Jinggerfull, probably because it wasn't tons of cascading whitewash.

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