Saturday, August 08, 2009


Shot 08.08.2009


cruz bustamente said...

We warned you 2 years ago this day was coming. It's here and it's going to stay. No more Annual Pass, cash as you enter, if we're still open. The State has license to build beach front condos and Own Your Owns. $125.00 Annual Pass didn't cut it. We mean business.

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy, puttzle. That Governor sure took the wind out my sails this time. I'm on a fixed incom and he suckeer punches me right where it hurts, my wallet

Anonymous said...

Okay Anon', but that's tough chit. You SANO guys had it, didn't know what to do with it, now suffer wit' the rest of us.


You pendejos, the reason CA is in such a finacial
crises was caused by the Surfrider's Foundation, Surfing Heritage Foundation, San Onofre Surfboard Riding Coalition,
'Legends for Equal Equity', Surfboard shaper's fund, all of which trickled down to our Guv'. Annual fee for a pass was $125. Divide that by 365 days your distribution is .34 a day per AP. You don't have to be a rocket scientest to figure that's a huge deficit for our State. No reserve money, no paved
road. We advised Guv' raise the admission fee to $20.00 per vehicle. Also reccomended was 24 hour parking meters on the logs. Another, toilet surcharge $1.00 per dump. Guv' will get this State back on its feet--fast.

INS said...

Floppio, go back to mexico. Illegals is the reason this state is hurtin'! Same goes for the rest of our country. So "VOMITNOSE MUCHACHO"!

Anonymous said...

INS, I can speak for Favio, but ain't you not never heard of Ellis Island.

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