Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Obama Speaking Pidgin


Dog said...

RULES FOR PIDGIN: Tourists may not speak it (or ull get ur ass kicked)
Local moks, flips, and japs may speak it.

Local haoles may speak it unaccented.

Sal Gee Hawaiian said...

Guy 1: Haole- What Like Beef?

Guy 2: I love beef! NY Strip is the best.

Guy 3: Nah, Brah. You should run. He's speaking pidgin.

Anonymous said...

That dumb schwartze has enough trouble stumbling through normal English.

Obama said...

Wuz da night befo Crizmus An all thru da hood Everybody be sleepin' Dey was sleepin real good

We hunged up our stockins An hoped like all heck Dat 'ol Sanny Claws Gonna brang us our check

All of da fambly Wuz layin in beds While Thunderbird wine Danced thru dere heds

I dun passed out on ze flo' Right nex to my maw When I heared such a fuss I thunk - it mus be da law

I looked out thru da bars What could I now do I was spectin the sherrif With a warrent for sho'

And what did I see Made me say, "Lawd look at dat" Dere was a huge watahmelon Pulled by 8 big ass rats

Now ober all da years Sanny Claws he be white But it looks like us bros Get a black Sanny tonite

Faster dan a po lice car My homeboy he came He whupped up on dem rats As he called dem be name

On Leroy, On Roosevelt On Virvus, On Willie On Yolanda, On Crayola On Kiesha, and Leonard

An 'ol Sanny landed dat watahmelon Out dere in da street I knowed it fo shu Da damnest ting I eber did seed

Dat black Sanny didn't go down no chimbly He picked da lock on my do' An I sez to myeslf "Shit - He dis befo'

He had did big bag Full of prezents I speck Wif Air Jordans and fake gold To wear roun my nek

But he left no prezents Jus started stealin my shit Got my guns, got my crack Eben my burgler's kit

Wit my shit in his bag Out da windo he flew I sho woulda chased him But he got my knife too

He jumped on dat watahmelon Wit out a hitch He wuz gone in a second That son of a bitch

So nex year I be hopin' A white Sanny we git 'Cause a black Sanny Claws Jus ain't worf a shit!

Spic said...

I understand the moks, flips, and japs. What about the chinks and the gooks?

Fats Flannighan said...

Don't "Re-Nig In 2012"

Ron Paul said...

Many homosexuals would be executed, But not all!

Anonymous said...

God bless the Official Blog of the San Onofre Surfing Club.

Anonymous said...

The Official Blog of the San Onofre Surfing Club indeed!

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