Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tough Times

Puttzle needs your help.  Please click on the ads.  After over 2 years of having ads on San-O Daze, I am approaching the magic $100 earned mark, which is when they pay out. As I have recently left myself basically homeless, I could use the $$$.  Unfortunately, this is a real situation, not a joke.  All youse gots ta do is click, then exit.

Anybody know of work? Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks all, today so far I have made $6.68!  Believe me, I am humbled by my predicament and appreciate your efforts.


Ridgemont High said...

Things are tough all over. Chin up bro, you'll make it through.

Moses said...

God only helps them that helps themseves.

Spam King said...

This is SPAM. Pure, unadlterated
SPAM. Have you no conscience. Whatever became of Puttzle?

OB said...

Get some porn ads and watch the $$$ roll in!

Fats Flannighan said...

I'm with OB, let's get some dime porn on this site. I'd be good for a buck a day easy.

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