Thursday, January 04, 2007


Would someone say or do something? Get mad at me or bash a fireman,cop or even a priest.
Somebody do something .

I know immigration laws are going to get even more lax, gas cost to much, the President is an idiot, the Democrats took control and the Speaker of the House is a woman.

What the fu-k else can we expect? If it can go wrong it will go wrong.


a bashed fireman said...

Blog rules state no fireman bashing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Who dropped u on ur head? Get with it. No firemen bashing.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ralph you have to remember that the hosers are tooo busy playing college games instead of working.

Poor litta fellas, if it gets too hot they surround and drown!!!

Overpaid for what they do, only the PARAMEDICS should get the big money, but just wait till congress gets thru with us, no more capitalists' just socialists'!!

ur friend said...

Your mother wears army boots!

{{it was funny in my day}}

Anonymous said...

At least she could lace them her self and did not need any help, unlike the hosers' of today!!


member ya gotta laugh at it or go away!!

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