Monday, January 31, 2005

Pretty cool ad for VW.


Ya gotta love it! Finally, they woke up at the old jobsite. The system we are supposed to be testing was down. I mean we could do absolutely nothing in the way of real work. We all sat there (4 of us) staring at the walls, web surfing and celebrating wins in solitaire (well at least I was, I was over $1000.00 up, they were all down. You have to find the joy in life somewhere). About 12:15 one of the many bosses comes in and tells us we can leave if we wanted to since there was no work. You didn't have to tell me twice, I was gone and I'm putting down 8 hours! I was hoping the wind was offshore, but it appears to be out of the south which is not a good thing. Guess I'll have to find something else to do for the remainder of the day.

golf day

The Sat. count was 11, there were two more sited after Puttzle left. ( or was it 12?) Anyway surf was small with the low tide making it very lined up and closing out, so off to the golf course for my Monday morning Back 9 with my golf buddies. There's always hope for surf tomorrow, but lately we see the pattern. During the week NO SURF, come the weekend SURF, when do the Talegalites get to surf ? Thats right on the weekend!!!! You can hear them mooing as they stampede in their brightly colored wetsuits to the water, oh! if only Sparky and Fluffy were around. Maybe I'll have to go golfing at the Talegalites golf course and leave some big divits and maybe about half way down the fairway step out right infront of one of them when he is about to Tee off and drop a ball and start to play it right infront of him towards the same green, you know, kinda like dropping in on someone at SanO! GET IT GUYS! Well so much for the lighter side, more later!

One Good Thing

About Monday, probably the ONLY good thing, is an updated News of the Weird.




Not that it's hard to do. Boppin' along on my way to work, thinking what a beautiful day it was looking to be, and it hit me, WHAM, right between the eyes. It's Monday damnit! Another week of toil at the old jobsite. I'm jumping for joy.

Satellite count was 9...or was it 10? 8? I forget. Murphy may update but don't hold your breath. Surf was small, another day of non-puttzle material. It was still dark, but I could have sworn I saw Talegalites hiding in the brush. It could well have been those mormons. Maybe that explains why Murphy is so silent lately. I'll bring extra coffee in the morning.

I am happy to announce the release of Ranger Ephriam and his trusty companion. As of 10:00 yesterday morning, donations at the kiosk exceeded the required 3 dog biscuits and 4 glaze donuts and the two were released. The remainder of the donated items were passed out to the illegals transversing the area on their way to the hospital to deliver the newest U.S. citizen. Or 2 from the look of her. Donations from tubes blog exceeded expectations and were used to purchase tortillas and menudo for all at the beach. Many thanks to Senor tube.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Service

The surf has cleaned up somewhat this morning, but still not inviting enough for puttzle. Kaa-kaa water, looks like chocolate milk. I have no problem jumping in dirty water IF the surf is outstanding, otherwise I'm staying in. The Talegalites were holding their first annual Starbucks Talega Open. First prize is one of those snazzy blue and yellow wetsuits, complete with the Talega logo, from the fine folk at Talega Surf and Sport. Second prize is a Starbucks gift card, good for a cup a day for a year. All entrants received a free Starbucks tee-shirt and a coupon good for one double skim milk mocha latte frappacino on the rocks. It comes in a bottle. I only snapped a couple of pics, but I believe they speak volumes.

The usual suspects were in attendance and served as the judges for the Talegalites. High scores were being handed out right and left, it was really hard to determine a winner, every one out was simply shredding the Point. 8 second tube rides were the norm, but the double reverse, inverted frontside Sassoon ride shown below was the deciding factor. A good time was had by all.

Double reverse inverted frontside Sassoon! This was the highest scoring ride of the contest.

First heat of the Talega Open. Contestants were again calling it the best ever!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

As you can tell from the picture below, things are quite messed up this morning. There is definitely a swell, it's just all torn up! However, the Talegalites were hailing it as one of the best days EVER and were hitting the line-up en masse (that means there's a lot of them and they all went out at the same time, Murphy). I attempted to snap a pic of another one of their 'stylish' wetsuits, but it came out blurry. Did you know that Talega has it's own colors? Yup, yellow and blue. There must be a new shipment at Talega Surf and Sport, so hurry for best selection. I stuck around for a bit, then hit it for home so I could update the old blog. Had a nice chat with MR. Initials P.A. and all is forgiven...for now at least. Hopefully he will co-exist in peace and harmony with the rest of us knuckleheads.

Satellite count was 11, skies were clear, moon was bright. The usual crew was in attendance, Ralphie, Sanoman, the mayor, Mr. initials P.A., Little Frank, K., two schools teachers, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy (yes, there were three of them) and the dude formally known as Big Doug. We can no longer call him that. Yes, he is still big (tall), but after dropping 45 pounds, the guy looks great and can no longer be classified as 'big'. I guess we will have to come up with a new name for him. Any suggestions (and be nice people, he is one of the 'good guys')? Conspicuous by his absence was the incarcerated Ranger Ephriam and his trustee companion. The Ranger's lawyer, through his interpreter, L. Sanchez, continues to push for his release. Remember to donate to the 'Save Ranger Ephriam' fund at the kiosk, or using PayPal at tubesteak's

Crapola...unless you are from Talega. 1.29.05

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ahhhh, Friday

As usual, I hit San-O before the crack of dawn. Murphy was in his usual position at the front and I pulled in right behind him. Made a little small talk, then we walked down the road to the corner for a peek. Seeing something was enough to convince me to wait for the gate. I probably should have just gone home then, as once we got down to the beach, I was unconvinced and left. However, it didn't look all bad, there were some decent NW rights at the Point and one SW set that produced a fair left. Both directions were producing 2-4 foot, but like I said, there was exactly one SW set the whole 15 minutes or so I was there.

Looking forward, as always, to the weekend. Hopefully the expected rain comes and goes today and things clean up for Saturday and Sunday. There should still be ample surf, so keep fingers crossed.

Latest reports regarding Ranger Ephriam and Dingo are disturbing, to say the least. They were incarcerated at the Power Plant in one of Edison's new hardened bunkers/luxury suites, guarded by Officers Rayfer and Kithe. Dingo's attorney, G. Allred, is pointing the paw right back at Ranger Ephriam, claiming the 'deflector plan' was the Ranger's work. There is some disputing this. Reportedly, while performing one of their checks, the Officer's opened the door to the bunker/luxury suite and observed Dingo forcing the Ranger to chase his tail, or where it would be if he had one. What a sadistic bastard! While the Ranger is still under arrest, his attorney, through his interpreter, L. Sanchez, is attempting to procure his release. Dingo has been moved to a new facility at the State baseyard.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Left early

Saw Puttzle leaving as I drove down Old PCH, got to the gate parked and walked down to look. It was small bumpy and crumbly. Went home and went to the golf course for my Thursday golf match. Maybe the surf and weather will be better in the morning. Till then always remember these great words, Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong!
Let's have a roaring round of applause for the newest contributor, Sanoman (wow, what an original name). Actually he hasn't contributed anything yet, but I am hopeful.
Yet they watched the whole movie...

I Cannot Stop Laughing

Read the whole story. What was he smoking? "...he has proposed that roosters wear little boxing gloves attached to their spurs, as well as lightweight, chicken-sized vests..."

Don't Be Fooled

I know what you are thinking, it's Thursday and the weekend is upon us. It's a TRICK. It's simply Monday sneaking back up on us. Sucks doesn't it?

From my dear sweet mother...
"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." --Drew Carey
I couldn't sum it up any better, thanks mom.

Yes, I did journey to San-O for the morning check. One look and I was gone. Real small with what appeared to be crappy conditions, although the wind was minimal and seemed offshore. Kind of stormy on it, if you know what I mean. I passed the mayor on the road, I'm sure he will update us...yeah right.

Ranger Ephriam was arrested early yesterday morning for attempting to pass off his drawings as artifacts. Pawprinting revealed that prints observed on the 'catalina deflector plan' as it was called, were traced back to his dog. As of now, prosecutors are scouring the immigration laws to determine what other charges will be filed. His court appointed attorney, through interpreter L. Sanchez, says the blame lies on the animal, not Ranger Ephriam and claims extensive printing found no other matches on the 'plan'. A 'Save Ranger Ephriam' fund has been established with donations being collected at the kiosk. You can also visit tubesteak's site where he will be accepting donations via Pay-Pal.


Is just plain wrong!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Something For JB

Take a gander, JB (not JB from Hawaiian Water Shots, the other JB)...

Excerp from Surfing Etiquette on the Surfline site:
"A more subtle, yet potentially more offensive form of ride interference is the snake. This move is very bad etiquette, a greedy exploitation of the generally understood drop-in rule, and is usually practiced by competent (editor's note: not applicable to JB) and aggressive (editor's note: applicable to JB) surfers. Snaking works like this: Surfer A (editor's note: puttzle), in position and having waited his or her turn, begins to paddle for the wave. Surfer B (editor's note: YOU JB, the snake) waits until A's focus is purely on catching the wave, then makes a quick move to the inside and takes off, claiming the wave (editor's note: and pissing off puttzle). If both surfers end up riding, it appears A has dropped in and is in the wrong, yet both surfers, and usually most onlookers, know otherwise."

Sound like you, JB? It should...and that's too bad. Why you gotta be lie dat?

No Go

Well I didn't go in, I was working myself up to suit up because there were some pretty good looking waves at times, then it started to rain lightly and I immediately flashed on Utah and Talega getting scared I jumped into my truck and fled to Lowes to do some shopping and when checking out quess who was in front of me at the checkstand, Emery at the gate. He's been doing some construction work and been giving his days away. He said his new board is all waxed up and ready but he has been to busy to surf. He left before we could discuss politics (oh darn). Well more later, tomorrow is another day. Golf tomorrow, unless its raining, then it might be (and I use the word MIGHT loosly) surfing!

Nebraska Man's Forehead

Not bad pay to look like an idiot for 30 days.

Morning Check

Surf was ok but not inviting enough for puttzle this morning, I went home and now am at work. Condition were nice, a lot like yesterday. The expected rain did not arrive until I was just leaving for work, and at this point is a light shower at best.

I am a bit afraid of what Murphy said this morning. He was just waiting for things to get a bit lighter and said (keyword here, "said") he was going out. I don't know if it was from the excessive caffeine we poured into him last week or what, but this is totally unlike him. His behavior has become somewhat erratic ever since he fell in that gopher hole and came under the mormon spell. If he did go out, I hope everyone gave him a wide berth.

According to
tubesteak's blog, Ranger Ephriam found some artifacts recently at San-O, uncovered by the storms. What was not reported was that he also found a plan that outlined the construction of a giant wave deflector to be built in the channel so that winter surf could be redirected into San-O, specifically to the Old Man's area. Origin of the plan is unclear. Funding was to come from park admission fees, with extra being charged for visitors from Utah and Idaho. The only hints as to it's origin are tiny dog paw prints and a name that starts with Cr. Some kind of wax based material was used for the actual drawing. Carbon dating is being conducted at this time so a determination can be made as to it's age. The plan would never have been rediscovered if Ranger Ephriam's trusty companion had not uncovered them when playing with the recently recovered Larry the Sloth's gonad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So there

OK, now I contributed. See you in the morning. (oh, and for Dingo, arf woof snarl growl bark)!

Arf Dingo!

Not much to report. Surf is 2-3 occasional 4, good conditions but the tide is rising and will kill it somewhat for a bit. There are some nice waves, but like last Wednesday, I was off, to say the least. I still had the past week in my head and the surf today did not match it for power, so when I tried to lay out a turn, the board didn't respond and I would lose my grove. I then would get stuck in the whitewater (I hate that!) just far enough back where I couldn't make it. Still, I got a bit of exercise, so the morning was not a total loss. Satellite count was 1 due to the lingering high clouds and bright moon. Don't have much to say right now, maybe later. I'm hoping one of the OTHER CONTRIBUTORS (yes, I am yelling), will post so there is some relief from my gibberish. Lates.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Talk about un-PC!

Bank of Ephraim???

From this weeks News of the Weird...
"The renegade Mormon splinter group headed by Warren Jeffs and holed up mostly in a few small towns in Utah and Arizona was largely responsible for the collapse of the Bank of Ephraim, according to Utah regulators interviewed for a December Associated Press report. Church officials had taken a secret oath to borrow, furiously, as much money as they could, because according to Jeffs, the world was about to end anyway, and they wouldn't have to pay it back."

I wonder if this has anything to do with Murphy...

They Are At It Again!

What is the problem with the NoCals?


This week's News of the Weird!


Too Bad It's Monday. Another start to another week of another round of some pretty darn boring work. Satellite count was 2, fog and high clouds rolling in and out hampered things. Surf looked like it could be fun, a lot smaller than the last few days, but some had good shape. Looked like a bit of bumpage and texture on the surface even though it was offshore. I decided to exit, stage left and head for home and work. That's not to say it isn't a lot better than it looked because it was still dark out. The surf tends to improve/look better as dawn progresses.

I just went over to and looked at the forecast. Wow, wow, wow. Looks like we are in for a nice 7+ days of possible surf with some size! Hold on, I'll check the weather. I'm back, and not with good news. Here's a synopsis. It might be real early into works for a few days and bank some hours. I was just starting to feel good after surfing 4 of the last 5 days.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Service

Let's get right to it. Satellite count was 3 if I remember correctly. Kind of tough to spot them due to the thick fog that would blanket us from time to time. Conditions were good, the surf was in the 2-3 range with occasional 4 footer. The lefts at the Point were mighty fine, I got 2 that were memorable and a right to start the day that I got a little cover job on. All in all a good morning surfwise...

Which brings me to the unveiling of Puttzle's rules of etiquette. This is directed at Mr. initials P.A.! This morning I asked you why you took off on me. "I got out of the wave" you replied. NOT THE POINT, dude. You know me, you know my abilities, you KNEW I was going to make it, no problem. Why you even bothered to try for it is what I was inquiring about. You're BONEHEAD reply of "Well, you hopped me on that first wave", the one I got covered on and the one that would have, as we all know, knocked you right on your ass. That definitely set me off, Mr. initials P.A. as that was my first wave, I had been waiting for it for 5 minutes or so and you think you can paddle right out and be first in line? I DON'T THINK SO! How many times have I given you waves? It's not like I don't share out there, you know darn well I do! So, RULE # 1, take a number!

Then you had the audacity (big word usage) to say "I'm just trying to have fun". Fuckin' A, what about the rest of us, we don't want to have a fun session? You, like JB tend to SUCK THE FUN RIGHT OUT OF IT! RULE # 2, stay out of my way from now on. Is it going to take another smacking me in the leg as you wipeout in front of me (and after royally hopping me) to straighten you out like the last time? I doubt that, as obviously you tend to fall back to your bad habits.

Now I am willing to let bygones be bygones, heck I even talk to JB nowadays, but the way HE is behaving, I think he's next in line. I'll forget RULE # 2, Mr. initials P.A., if you can show me that you have 'gotten a clue'! Otherwise it will be like I said, we will dog you and you WILL NOT GET A WAVE at the Point, or the Bar either. Believe it when I say it's not just me who feels this way...I speak for the masses, they have appointed me spokesman.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where I'm I?

What happened? All I remember is pulling up to the gate this morning and Dingo distracting me, then suddenly Iwas grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground and then someone forcing 7-11 Kahlua coffee down my throat. When I came to, I found myself at the beach and looking for toilet paper to start a fire. After starting the fire I looked out to the line-up and saw Peetor hopping grumpy, I WAS BACK! The surf was not quite as good as yesterday but, it looked fun. The talegalites were out in force. When I got home I threw my SAKAL 7' 8" fish in my camper as well as my 8' SAKAL fun board. Poche was not going off this morning so home to watch golf (which is in fog delay). I would like to thank Puttzle, Dingo, Dingo's man person, and of course Ralph(sell me your egg) for saving me from the Mormons and the Talegalites, although it will be tough to pass a Starbucks without crying.

Invasion of the Talegalites

Yes, they were out in force today and there is a new species, Talegaheavy as you can see from the picture below. Surf was pretty fun, not as big nor as nice as the past few days. Satellite count was 2 or 3 due to the fog and slight overcast conditions. Wind was nice, Church and Trestles looked to be going off still, but there is some contest at Church. Wave height is 2-4.

The intervention went off well this morning. Dingo and I held down Murphy and dosed him with antibiotic laced, 100% Colombian, 7-11's finest. At first, his eyes rolled back in his head and he started chanting something about Brigham Young, followed by loud screaming about Starbucks being some commie-pinko organization. Then his eyes rolled back down and he snapped out of it. He didn't remember a thing, it's too bad nobody got a photo of the Escalade incident. He still didn't surf, I guess the water is still too clean at San-O, he will probably tackle Poche later today, so I fear there is some residual Mormon/Talega disease lingering. If needed, we will re-intervene tomorrow.

Once more topic. Mr. initials P.A., you need to think about what you are doing in the line-up. Hopping Jimmy 4 times this morning is not Kosher, not at all. If you can't see then:
a.) get glasses. Ask the gold medal winner where to get the goggle glasses so you can see us coming down the line and not take off, or
b.) just stay the hell out of the water!

You're a good enough guy but this hopping stuff has got to stop...or there will be repercussions. No lie!

Talegalite on the right, Talegaheavy on the left. Gotta love the wetsuit, you can get one just like it at Talega Surf and Sport.

Bamboozals, 1.22.2005

Friday, January 21, 2005


Did anyone know that the name of the person who edited "Revenge of the Nerds II" is Richard Chew? True. You all thought he just was a legend/lifeguard, but no, he is even more multi-talented then we realized.

Intervention Needed

I think you can tell from the post that the mormons have Murphy totally under their control. I don't even think Murphy really wrote that, it must be the mormons posing as him. That is the only explanation I can come up with, considering he supposedly surfed the most polluted beach in the area. Our Murphy would NEVER risk that, so he must be under their control again. Can the Escalades be far behind? There is only one way to break the spell (and smell). Anyone coming to San-O tomorrow, please stop at a 7-11 and bring Murphy a nice large cup of coffee. IT CANNOT BE STARBUCKS!!! Since the mormon are anti-caffeine, it will break their hold on him as soon as he drinks some. A side benefit is that the Talegalites will undoubtedly go nuts and impeach His Honor for consuming inferior, non Starbucks brew. Oh, and don't forget the Lysol and anti-biotics for the sure to come infection.

Poche reef

I hate to say it but the outer reef at Poche was going off this morning when I got home and not a sole out. I will probably be growing an extra ear or leg or something but I've been out of the water for too long, I couldn't help my self . I only surfed about an hour before these old muscles gave out but it was worth it! No Talegalites, no kooks (except for me) , no hoppers and no Weber guys either! EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Perfect conditions, glassy smooth no bumps and some double overhead sets, but the best part is the great big channel to paddle out without even getting your hair wet! I did get caught inside twice, what a bummer. Puttzle did get the wave of the day this morning, from the Point to the Lifeguard tower at Old Mans, it was awsome!!!!!


This has to be Homer Simpson. Then there's this ballsy guy. Not to mention, here cum the judge. Sick-O!

Yup, TGIF!

And then some. Satellite count was 3, it was slightly overcast plus I didn't fell like looking too hard. The mayor showed up, muddy and tired, but none the worse for wear. Those missionaries turned out to be distant relatives of his, so we may have a fight on our hands. He somehow escaped their clutches in a moment of lucidity, but you could tell they were still holding his mind hostage, as he did not surf. He wouldn't talk about the Starbucks episode with the Escalades.

They are still out there among us, I'm in too good of a mood to rant about them. Except watch out for those missionaries.

The Point was simply going off this morning. I was the first one in the water and in the line-up. Still dark, but just light enough to maybe see wtf was happening. I missed my first wave, a nice right set one. Finally, I snagged one and rode a ways until I fell cutting back. I was stunned! I was dropping to the bottom of the wave and laying it over as hard as you can a 9 foot board, just cranking hard as I could. Having grown up in da islands and having the fortune of calling Honolua Bay's Coconuts and Outside Point home throughout the 70's, I crave that sort of thing. I was totally sticking, the board was responding flawlessly and I was, like I said, stunned! I paddled back out and sat for a while catching my breath. Joe, Bob and Howard had made it out and I could tell that there was much anticipation in their eyes. We made small talk while waiting, then Howard started paddling north toward the sandbar. When he was about 30 yards away, here comes an unreal looking set, right at ole Puttzle. I jumped all over it, and off I went. Bob was down the line and took off, but when he saw me come blasting down the line, he graciously got out. I don't even remember the size, probably head high, maybe slightly overhead. Up and down, bottom to top, on and on until I ended up at the green lifeguard stand, just before the shack! Holy SHIT (there I go again, sorry mom), I have never ridden a wave at San-O that far. I've ridden ones all the way through Four Doors, but this was waaayyyyy further. My first thought was, "Do I just go in, walk back to where I started and paddle out from there...or do I just paddle back out?". I paddled back out from where I was. Took this old boy some time, but I made it. JB, Cobbo and TB Joe and some others had made it out. JB was saying how he got 8 or 9 rides like that yesterday, but I am skeptical because I didn't see it lining up that way the previous two mornings. Whatever, I waited for another one, I was pumped! Here it came, I jumped it, but as is his custom, JB snaked me and took off behind me and after me! Whatever, I was pumped, as I said. Usually, I go off in this situation, I'm liable to fade right into whoever tries that, but as I said, I was pumped! I gave him plenty of room, turned to him and said "Let's go!" and off I went down the line. A few seconds later, when I turned to look behind me, he was gone. EEEE-HAW, I could cutback and milk what was left of the wave. Rode it a good ways again, then got out and called it a morning. 45 minutes, 3 good waves, 1 of which will stick in my mind for a time...and isn't that what it's all about?


He was seen speeding on pico in his SUV, yakking on his cell phone, not using his turn signals while careening into the Starbucks parking lot with two missionary's in the back seat. Approximately 23 minutes later he was seen doing the same maneuver at the Starbucks across the street, this time with 3 Escalades full of yuppies from the Talega golf club. This report was verified by several anonymous sources who witnessed the same thing. Time for a intervention before it's too late.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

This blog cracks me up. Anybody for a nice fish dinner? Murphy is still missing.

Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I must report Murphy as missing in action. From what I hear, he was walking the 5th fairway at the San Clemente course this morning, when he fell into a giant gopher hole, reportedly dug by San-O's own beast, Lonnie the gopher (or is he a mole?). This supposedly landed him in Utah, of all places. That is causing all sorts of trauma to the Talegalites, who had just cast their ballots and voted him in as honorary Mayor of Talega, with offices at Starbucks. Hopefully he won't become 'Mormonized' on his way back as that would wreck havoc at 'Bucks. Please pray for him.

Work and Other Things

Well, here I am at work.. I dread it so, especially in light of the surf. Oh well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stay alive and put a roof over your head.

They are out there amongst us, my friends. License plate 5FAX780, S430 Mercedes. Male, I'm not sure of age, probably late 40's early 50'2. Looked like a company big-wig. I won't get into detail of his so-called skills, but suffice it to say, he can't drive worth a SHIT. Yup, I said it, SHIT! Totally distracted while driving. I never, I repeat, NEVER get in my vehicle and drive and not have my attention square on the task at hand, which is DRIVING. Not reaching into the back seat, not yakking on the cell so much that I don't notice the signal change. I try not to talk on the cell when driving. I don't reach around for something in back. I don't lean down to fetch a CD, I'll go with the radio if needed. Most of the time, I have the music off. I don't wear make-up, comb my hair and shave before I leave, and just, can you believe it, DRIVE! WTF are people thinking?

I also learned today NEVER to attempt to drive to work around 7:45. Worst time possible, makes me appreciate those 6:00 a.m. days, except that would mean no surf. Late.
Just got back from my morning check of San-O. The surf was much like yesterday except bigger. Still pretty walled up on most sets, but every now and then an outstanding set would come through that lined up perfectly. I stayed out of the water since those real good sets were so inconsistent. Church looks to be going off on the sets and Trestles looks good also. Lots of people, it looks like a weekend. Only saw 2 satellites because it was slightly overcast. Got to jump in the shower and head for work. More later.
Storm leftovers.

Nice right at the Point, 1.20.2005

Nice left at the bar, 1.20.2005

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Is pretty darn funny.

For When You Are In Need

Uncle Booger has the answer.


It's HUMP day! Big whoop. I am not real sure what kind of mood I am in today. I surfed, but it was not satisfying. San-O was a bit walled up, but Trestles and Church looked to be a lot better. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot, looks like there will be a big crowd. I'd say it was 3-5 ft. With occasional bigger. Every now and then a good set would come in and line up nicely, but it all depended where you were sitting. Most sets were walls. I was out of sorts in the water, maybe that's why I feel out of sorts now. Or maybe it's that I have to be at work. Satellite count was 12.

I watched (yes, I admit it) American Idol last night. Or the first hour anyway. I was amazed at the inflated opinion some of those people had of their talents. Like the judges said a few times, "What made you even think you should come to this competition?". These people were soooo bad, yet they refused to believe what they were being told. In that vein, I give you the female I had the misfortune of being behind this morning on my way to work. She was in a Toyota MR2 and I have no idea what in the world she was doing. Signal turns green, she proceed to accelerate to maybe 10 mph. I can see her moving all around in her seat, turning this way and that. Sped up a bit, slowed down, now we've missed the next signal and I am stuck. Signal turns green, repeat. I'm going off, swearing to the upholstery. Fortunately, I had to turn left at the next light and she went straight, I was FREE!! That got me to thinking. If I had stopped and talked to her and told her she had no business being behind the wheel, she would have looked at me incredulously and denied it, probably said "I'm an excellent driver!" or something like that. See the connection? They are among us, my friends, beware.

Good, I feel better now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Here It Is

This weeks News of the Weird.


Is what alcohol can do to a person.

Soap Opera?

The expected swell has yet to materialize as of dawn this morning. Excellent conditions and the swell direction has definitely changed to a more NW direction. The Mayor, K and I counted 16 satellites, the sky was very clear. Another typical SoCal day and once again, I am here at work. Sucks! After reading Murphy's post yesterday and seeing what it looked like this morning, I would imagine that it will improve as the day goes on. My plan is to work some more OT and reap the benefits tomorrow.

The line was very long this morning, I guess all the forecasts were calling for something today and early! Not at San-O, at least not yet. No Utahians to report, but lots of Talegalites.

I think I am going to ask Google (Blogger) why their spellcheck refuses to learn Talegalites.

Monday, January 17, 2005

From the gate

As Puttzle said, the conditions were perfect but the surf was small again. How ever, I just got a call from our favorite Gold Metal Irishman that the surf again began to come up as the tide filled in. He said at times it was head high on him so, we know that the sets were about waist high ( just kidding ,we love you T-zone). Went and played golf, (surprise) great guys to golf with. The Sat. count was 13, I saw one just as Puttz was leaving. Well I have to go put on my' Leather' with my captains cap and paddle, my wife should be home any time. Stay tuned for another adventure in that dashing soap opera " FROM THE GATE"! Same bat time, same bat channel.

Keepin' It Short(er)

Today's satellite count was 12 or 15 or something like that, Murphy hopefully will update with the official count (see below). A gorgeous day is in store for all fortunate enough to have this MLK day off from work/school/community service or whatever. I am not so fortunate, so here I sit at the old job. They want us to work overtime, I think I will work some extra if for no other reason than to bank a few hours in expectation of some good surf later this week. then I can come into work a bit later, hopefully after a nice early morning uncrowded session.

Surf was tiny this morning with most excellent conditions. Smaller than yesterday, so I scooted out of there as soon as the gate opened and I looked for a few minutes at the sorry site. Good day for fishing. Did I mention that the Utah invasion is still going on?

I better keep this short as Murphy said I rambled on so much yesterday and my post was long, that he felt intimidated and did not post. I know, I will shrink the size so that it doesn't take up as much space on the blog.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday Service

First off, I forgot to post yesterday's satellite count, which was 17. Today it was 12, but I really didn't try hard, it was the Mayor and Dingo's man-person doing most of the looking.

The Mormon invasion continued this morning, I don't know why people with bad attitudes to start with bother to come to San-O. Once again, the ran the line and stopped in the lower parking lot, only because the gate was closed. He was positioning himself to cut into the line and ace out everyone else who had been waiting. I was at the head of the line today and got my motor running as soon as Walter showed to open the gate (the rangers were running late...surprise! It was not the ranger mentioned yesterday). so I could be sure the didn't pull the snake job off. As well, the rest of the line tightened up and the ended up where he belonged, last. No, actually he belongs in Utah, if I remember correctly.

Surf was small, 1-2 occasional 3 and maybe one 4 foot set, which I missed. We all expected flat conditions, since that is what the reports said. I'm beginning to think the surf forecasts are a lot like the weather forecasts, they suck. That is the exact reason I travel to the beach just about every morning, I want to look with my own failing eyes. Jim, Peter, Kenny, Doug and a few other regulars were out getting wet. I surfed for a little over an hour, had fun and got a bit of exercise. Conditions were, of course perfect, except for the lack of quality surf. Nice offshore, sunny and getting warmer by the minute. The tide was low around 8:30 and I would bet that if the wind stays offshore, it will build a bit and be even more fun.

TOTW is...being discontinued for being a stupid idea.

Enjoy this beautiful SoCal day all. It's what makes living here tolerable...barely.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mormon invasion

There was a Mormon invasion (or should I say Moron invasion) at the lower gate this morning. About 5:45am this morning everyone as usual is lined up at the gate waiting for the ranger to come and open up for the day, when this truck comes down the road right past the line of autos and pulls right up to my camper lights a blaring blinding everyone trying to watch for Sats. so I say low get &%@#*& in line with the rest of us and this little pudgy gay gets out of his truck and gets right in my face and starts yelling about you F _ _ _ ing califorians are a-- holes and thats why he moved to Utah to get away from them, right then he wants to come to the beach and do what the hell he wants so I told him again to go get in line and he gets in his truck drives up to the end of the line and hangs 1/2 a u-turn and blocks the road in both directions. Just then the ranger shows up and tells him he has to get out of the way, this guy by now is fumming! Then poor Puttzle didn't have his keys in and ready to go so about 1/2 dozen cars sneek past him and you heard the rest from him. more later.

I'm A Thief...But Not Convicted

Stole this from the convict's blog because it is too funny.

"How efficient is Microsoft?
Go to this page. Choose Norway and City haugesund for start. Choose Norway and City trondheim for finish. Leave everything as default and then get directions and be amazed by the efficiency."


As you can see from the photo below, the surf was real small this morning. Conditions are great, with the exceptions of dirty water and no surf to speak of. It is a perfect day for the Talegalites to get wet. Many people don't understand that it takes multiple thing to come together for there to be great surf. Wind, swell, tide, they all play an important role. Personally, I have become selective in my older years and don't bother unless it's halfway decent. I figure I've put my time in surfing crap, and refuse to do it any more. My skill level is what it is and surfing in small or blownout or just plain crappy surf is not going to change that.

We sighted 17 satellites this beautiful and clear but cold morning. There also was a slight confrontation in the parking area by the lower gate, but I will let Murphy blog about that. I also apologize for being 'asleep at the wheel' when the gate opened and letting some assholes jump the line. People are weird, especially supposedly former Californians from Utah who obviously aren't getting enough and come down to San-O with an attitude. Enjoy the day.

Spellcheck STILL refuses to learn Talegalites...

Storm aftermath. Taken 1/15/2005.

The Talegalites were out in force...too bad for them the surf was virtaully non-existent.

The hired help busy cleaning the beach.

Friday, January 14, 2005

what a day

As you know already puttzle and I were at the lower gate, the Ranger showed up late to open the gate and would you believe she even said she was sorry for being late, we all know which one I 'm talking about, she is a great person and should be treated with respect. And, well I did golf this morning and no sooner got home and was getting out of my camper when my cell phone rang and it was chicken neck wanting to know if I wanted to play golf, well I went back to the course and played another 18 holes. I'm going to bed to see you at the gate( hope the sky is clear).

San-O after the storm.

Money Isn't Everything

Leinart to return to USC for senior season.

Damn Liberals

See, this is what happens up north in Liberal Land.

Ahhh, Friday.

My second favoritamous day of the week, after Saturday. I beat the Mayor to San-O this morning and walked down to the Church parking lot to see...flatness, of course. When I walked back up, the mayor was attempting his Polish (not polish, but the camper could use a little) parking technique. If he keeps practicing, I think he will have it down. I hung around for a few minutes talking to Murphy, then booked it out of there and headed for an early work session. Early in, early out and let the weekend begin.

Diesel in DP at the 76 on Del Obispo and Coast highway, $1.99! What a deal! I also saw unleaded for $1.89 there. Prices are finally coming down, I hope they keep falling, if they hit around $1.50, I can live with that. However, I did notice that the Mobil in DP has raised its prices since yesterday. Arrrgggghhhhh.

I probably will post more later, I'm sure Murphy and perhaps Dingo will post or comment. Oh, and our friend Anonymous. Late.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

The mayors office it back on the road! Dam splice got wet and after all these years finally crusted up inside so bad current was no longer able to pass through. Fix? Just a new splice and the lights went on!!!! It only took me two days of testing with a volt meter. And like puttzle said not much surf, but golf was fun as always. Great long tee shots but then my short game went to H&#%@! Well got things to do now that the office is up and running, I'll be at the gate brite and early (if it doesn't rain) and watching the heavens. Hope to see a few of you there. (very few get it)

I Thought I Was Done

My horriblescope for today:
Just when you thought you were done righteously instructing the world about exactly how it should be run, you've discovered that you still have plenty left to say. Sure, you're up for a couple of days of well-earned rest, but you'll rally if it means convincing just one more person to toss their colors aside and wear yours. You can rest tomorrow. Maybe. For now, do what you do best: Win them over to your side with pure logic.

That's a laugh.

Flat As A Pancake

That's what the forecast looks like for today through Sunday, flat, flat, flat. I guess we have this to look forward to (from Wetsand): Today (Thursday) is an amazingly small day for surf along the California coast, but that will be changing this coming week. That NW swell we’ve been tracking since last week off the coast of Japan is building in strength, and models favor some very strong, and fairly big surf hitting the coast by the middle of the coming week. The tide is starting to rebound, and weather and winds are becoming ideal as well with the next chance of rain possibly not until the weekend of the 22nd.

I met the mayor at San-O as normal. It looked pathetically small. Since there was a slight haze in the air, it made spotting satellites difficult and we only counted 3. K showed up and helped us by getting one as soon as he looked up. Those young eyeballs...

Hope your day is good. Later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just For Murphy

Murphy, I would like you to click here.

New Contributor

Let's have a big round of applause for our newest member, Dingo (actually Dingo's man-person C...I think. Maybe it really is Dingo? Will the posts be Arf, arf, arf?) Purportedly, he will be posting 'witty' comments on goings on. Technically he is not a Point guy, but we can forgive him for that.

Dirty Water

I went to San-O as usual this morning, the sky was clear and I figured there would be a satellite or two passing by. There were 16 of them. If there had been a couple of other people beside the Mayor and myself, we may have broken the record.

The beach is a mess! There is a lot of erosion on the beach and in the roadway. Like Murphy said, it looks like a beaver dam in places, logs, planks and everything else all held together by strands of kelp. There was some small surf, it might get better later as things continue to settle down. The water however, it horrendous. Rumor has it there was a sewage spill that dumped into the area and the water is off limits. I heard this second hand, so I am not positive of the validity, 'Burgie' may have been pulling our legs.

I could see the mountains (I would guess Baldy/Big Bear) and the snowcap is gorgeous. There is no snow locally (Saddleback), but a lot behind it. If I was a skier, I might ditch work for a day. Aloha for now, have a good day all. I hope your golfing was enjoyable, Murphy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Money Making Opportunity

This idiot does have a novel idea though.


Good morning all, went down to San-O late this morning and took a walk, our poor beach looks like the Oregon or Washington coast, every tree stump, branch, piece of bambo and trash has washed up on the beach and as far as the eye can see in both directions it looks like a Beaver has been at work damming up the shore line. The water is so dirty it will be days after this stops before the water will be enterable. If we can dry some of this wood out we could have fire wood for months. Sorry it just struck me, we have no fire-pit its washed down the slop to the water. I've got to get back to my black ant infestation I've just about got them under control. More later. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

When Will It End?

I would think it's obvious that I did not make my daily trek to the surf and just as obvious why. According to the rain gauge we have, it rained 3+ inches yesterday in a 24 hour period. I am eager to see what today brings, as last night they were calling for continued rain that is heavier at times than yesterday. UPDATE: I just checked out Yahoo Weather and it says 1/2 inch possible, that it will be early and then cloudy in the afternoon with possible showers. Well, I can tell you this, it rained the whole way in to work this morning. Half an inch? We shall see.

Don't forget, wipers on, lights on. Oh and stay out of the way of elevator doors. Peace.

Monday, January 10, 2005

A Rant About Elevators

I work in a large, 3 story building and am on the third floor, so I use the elevator frequently. Why is it that once the doors open, the people waiting to board rush right in before people on the elevator have a chance to 'disembark'? There ought to be a recorded announcement, something like: "Stay the hell out of the elevator until all the people on the elevator have exited". You'd think that people would have the common sense to wait, but NOOOOOO. Oh yeah, I forgot, one of the most common maladies in this country is the lack of common sense. I am tempted to barrel out as soon as the freakin' doors open and mow over any person in my way! After all, it's only a temp job...

Ball Cap Lost

Well we know it rained again last night , but what a RAIN! I don't know about you but the thunder and lightening storm was unbelievable! Went to San-O late again but I took the camper. I was the only one there so I put on my rain gear and walked down to see the storm damage. The tide was very high and the surf (thank goodness) was small. I walked all the way down to dog-patch along the beach finding toys that had been let before the storm or that had washed up during. On the back it started to rain so I took my ball cap off and tucked it into my rain jacket and put on this big yellow rain hat. I started to get rather warm in that get-up and was hurrying to get back to the camper to get out of the suit. As I removed the jacket I noticed my ball cap wasn't in there, I franticly looked all over the inside of the camper NOT HERE! I pulled my rubber boots back on and my sweat shirt and headed back down the road. As I passed our shower at the Point I saw my ball cap laying in the road where the Hawaiian Surf Club parks. I WAS STOKED!!!! I grabbed my hat put it on my head just in time because it stated to really rain hard, so I ran back to the camper and headed home. Alittle about the traffic later.

Least Competent People

Got this from News of the Weird...
A 39-year-old man in Chillicothe, Ohio, was hospitalized in December after an unsuccessful suicide attempt that accidentally blew his own house to pieces and did heavy damage to neighboring homes. The man had turned on the natural gas to kill himself, but then realized that other houses might be in danger, and just as he dashed to the basement to turn off the electricity, the house exploded (probably from an electrical spark) and was leveled. A month before, the man had tried to kill himself with automobile exhaust and a garden hose, but his car ran out of gas before he could die, and he then hooked up a propane tank for the same purpose, but once again, he outlived his fuel supply. [Chillicothe Gazette, 12-7-04]


I totally forgot about my good friend Dan Judson, a heck of an authority on Orchids. I have put a link on the right side. If you are in the market for an orchid plant or two, visit his web site and place an order.


I just can't get no connection. I arrived at work extra early so I could get a good start on some edits I needed to make to some documents. They moved us from our previous room to a conference room after we left Friday. When I attempted to access the network, I found I could not. I 'borrowed' a machine and posted my previous little blurb and waited for access to return to my machine. At 9:30 that finally happened. Four and a half hours of free time!!! Paid!!! Not bad.

I did not make it to San-O, maybe Murphy will update us on the conditions and surf. Looking at the San Clemente camera, it sure looks small, but the conditions look pretty fair. Doesn't look like I missed anything, but I did want to see what new damage may have occurred. Murphy?

On another note, our Hawaii contributor, Larster, seems to have disappeared! I hope everything is okay. I will add more later.

Wet, Wet, Wet

Lots 'o rain, I went to work. Will update later.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

What Rain again?

Again I arrived late at San-O, but with the wind and rain there was no reason to hurry down. Now we know who the true dedicated locals are, Dingo, his man-person Craig, Ralph and of course Puttzle and myself. What we need to do is find a Cafe' to go to when the weather is bad and have coffee, hot chocolate, tea or what ever and sit a nice warm place and talk before we go home. We'll just have to look around and check things out. (the light just went on) we can go to Boogies at the golf course, its close to San-O and its got good food and plenty of coffee. Its something to think about! More from the Mayors Office later.

Sunday Service

Much like yesterday, but wetter. Yesterday, Dingo, Dingo's man-person Craig and I went all the way to Dogpatch and back without a drop of rain hitting us. Today, we stopped at the Point. By the time I got back to the vehicles, I was soaked! It wasn't a real hard rain, just a steady, wind-blown shower. The erosion did not look much worse than yesterday, except around the Hawaiian Club's area. The surf is nowhere near the size it was, that will help. However, if we get a downpour, San-O will have more problems. Most of this storm has produced a steady shower, only occasionally have I heard it pounding, and that is only for a few minutes. Once again, looks like a hunker down football kind of day.

It was nice to see Ralph this morning, even if he is a flake for not showing up yesterday. Adieu.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pay No Attention

I don't know what the heck Murphy was thinking, he must have been hitting the Hornitos. Like I've said many times now, pay no attention to what he says. WE DO NOT welcome Talegalites at the Point! Actually, what he said is pretty much what I have felt and how I have lived my surfing life. Having moved from California to Hawaii at the age of 12, I learned quickly how to fit in. We do welcome one and all, just read what Murphy says and abide by it and it will all be good.

Damn, spell check still won't learn Talegalites!

No recall please

Well as you know I didn't show up yesterday at San-O and showed up late today, but I did show! The ranger said they were starting to worry because its not like me not to show. The weather sucks but we do need the rain. If it wasn't for the dirty water it might have been fun at Bamboozles there were some fun looking peaks with both rights and lefts and breaking in close so the paddle would have been easy. Our fire pit might not make it through the storm but thats ok because we could use a new one anyway! It was kind of nice down there because there was no Talegalites, but we know as soon as the storm passes they'll be back. Tom the starter at the golf course told me today that Talegalites are even flocking into Churches and being pesty there also with no wave ediquette and no brains. I think most people wouldn't mind them if they show some respect for others , but all they care about is themselves. They seem to think that their enjoyment is all that matters with out any reguard for someone elses fun. Talegalites you may think your local because you live in the area, but the real locals have been surfing there long before you were even out of diapers! If you show them respect they will do the same, if you don't you may find your surfing at San-O to be a frustrating nightmare, and remember this, The Point is not a beginner spot! The people who surf there no how to surf so give them respect and don't drop-in and don't take-off way down the line and think its ok, its NOT! Look before you go, if someone is behind you get out of the wave, don't think like so many do and say oh, I hope I gave you enough room, YOU DIDN"T! If you don't care about riding in a pack, go to dog-patch nobody cares there WE DO at the Point! Make everyones surfing fun THINK before you go, respect others on the wave and if your not sure ask a local they are not bad people , just respect them and things will be more fun for everyone.

What A Mess

I went down to San-O, arrived about 5:45, just like I said. Since we were the only ones around, Dingo and his man-person Craig and I walked all the way past Dogpatch to check out the area conditions. The first shower and fire pit, located next to the Church parking area, are now about 5 or more feet lower than before and will probably get covered up when the sand pushes back in. The Point pit is at an extreme angle and is about to go bye-bye. There is a lot of erosion, if the expected storm hits tonight and the tide is as high as expected, we at San-O are in trouble. We'll be lucky if the road remains. No kidding. There is some storm type surf that is crap and the water is chocolate. Stay out!

TOTD is...not Talega, rather it's the weather. By the way, be aware that there is a new law in effect, January 1. If you have your wipers on, you MUST also have your headlights on. Like the police don't have enough to do. While they are writing you up for no lights, there are countless knuckleheads speeding and tailgating in the rain, which seems to me is a way more dangerous practice. More later.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Census Info

This one is too good. What is going on?

At Last

Good morning! Finally, it's Friday. There is a gentle rain this morning, not enough to deter puttzle from checking out the surf at San-O. I went a bit later than usual, arriving around 5:20 and was kind of surprised that I was the only one around, not counting the Marines guarding the gate to the base. That surprise lasted as long as it took for me to run down the hill for a look. I looked and looked and looked and saw a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing, nada, zero. I did hear a few crashers, but they must have been shorebreak hitting the new embankment. Now I know why nobody else showed, it was as flat as I have ever seen it, maybe it was just the high tide. It was too dark to tell if there was anything that might be good later. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. I will probably try to time it so I show up around 5:45.

Looks like we are in for a whopper of a storm, at least by Southern California standards (we are a bunch of wusses weather-wise, admit it). Might as well watch football, there's only a few weeks left in the season. Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Getting Closer

Well, let's see, it's Thursday and I can't wait for the weekend. Work is, work. It would be nice to have a job that I like, but today a person can't be so picky. It was a beautiful morning, very clear and the stars they were a shinin'. The satellite count was a new all-time record, 21 of dem bugga's. We also saw quite a few shooters so maybe I need to see if there is a meteor shower going.

The surf was small, 1-2 ft. with an occasional 3 footer with good conditions. Just too small for puttzle, so I stayed out and hit it to work. More later...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


If you haven't seen pictures of the tsunami, check out this link.

Oh, and on another note: Mom, pay no attention to Murphy. Wait, I take that back. I think I will send you his secret email address and you can send corrections directly and bypass the middleman, me.

Have a nice day

Whats his name said it all!!! So have a nice day y'all. I stil ain't learned to spel so grate! Butt my speeking is getin bettur hey mom?


What a story!


Cold, clear morning, at least in the beginning. We sighted 6 satellites and a few shooters, then the clouds arrived. It's gearing up for more rain. Surf was real small again with fair conditions due to the offshore wind. Look for that to change a bit later in the morning. Not much else to say this morning, I will add stuff as the day progresses. Late.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Looking at the San Clemente cam, it sure is flat. Conditions look nice, but there is no surf! Bummer.

Weird Headlines of 2004

I particularly liked the one about the Canadian guide dog who only answered his master's commands in French. Think about it.

no show

Didn't bother to get up this morning it was raining so hard. I hope Puttzle (see I didn't use your name this time) stayed home I'm sure will hear from him soon. How about that Sugar Bowl Game? Tonights the big one, USC. Well since I can't surf ( I don't surf anyway) I'm going up to Lowes to get the parts to fix my shower door. Just remember, if your surfboard is old and yellowed from the sun and your wetsuit is brand new you might be a Talegalite!

Now That's Rain!

Man is it coming down this morning. I think it started around two this morning and has been non-stop since. I did not even bother to make the drive to San-O since the wind was all wrong and it was wet and cold. A nice warm shower got me going, I'm now at my table/desk thing at work drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.

Murphy, did you think I was talking about you in yesterday's post? Perish the thought! You don't get in people's way...

Monday, January 03, 2005

Wet Times

As the Mayor said, it's rainy and crappy. Slight offshore, but a bit too much south in it. As I do not have to work today, I think I will just hang around the house and stay warm and dry.

Something to think about...just because you paddle out in the surf, you must catch a wave to be considered a surfer. Bellying in so you can end your no wave session does not count! You must catch a wave, stand up and execute a maneuver, even if it's falling down (ala Dos Steppies). Driving up, paddling out, getting in everyone's way, paddling in, showering, then driving out does not count. If this fits, you might be a Talegalite.

Aloha for now.

Right as rain

Well it was rainy and wet this morning at the gate, but Puttzle and I were the only ones there. The ranger showed up and opened the upper gate and closed the lower. Puttzle walked down the road to look at the waves, but his report was small and wishy washy so home we went in hopes that tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jaws Videos

Wow! A friend sent me some links to video of Jaws Dec. 15. Check out this and this and this and this.

I got wet

The surf looked fun this morning so I suited up and went out (yes I did) but as my luck would have it the waves stopped coming and were so inconsistant I paddled around for an hour and couldn't find one to ride. I could have gone into the crowd but thats not like me so I paddled in. Maybe tomorrow if theres rain and its not affecting the surf conditions otherwise I'm golfing because I promised my friends I would for sure this monday weather permiting. Talegalites were out in force again this morning we just have to hope they burn themselfs out before to long!! Be back at the gate in AM hope to see some of you there, but Talegalites stay HOME!!!!!!!!

Sunday Service

Surf was decent this morning, not as big nor consistent as yesterday and more crowded. Caught a few decent waves and called it a morning. We saw 3 satellites between breaks in the clouds. Looks like the new rain will be here shortly, I'm hunkering down for the duration. Football kind of day. Late.

Beware Talegalites...he bites.

Alien sighting.

Jim cruisin' 1.2.2005

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sammy Seagull

We have a new mascot at the Point, its Sammy Seagull. This morning when we started the fire in the firepit this Seagull shows up and started hanging around with the guys. Da Chewster suited up for his go out and came down to the fire to warm up before going out and Sammy was so brazin he walked right up to Chew and started pecking at his toes. He then jumped up on the fire ring just 6 inches from the flames and just stared at the flames without any fear of the fire. I then broke out a tin of kipper snacks (thats herring filets) and he loved them, but he had to fend off some of his brethren to keep his prize. The water was "TOO DIRTY" for me to go in, but maybe tomorrow I'll wait and see if Puttzle and the boys get sick or grow extra arms, legs or eyes. The Talegalites were out in force today they pulled old boards out of the rafters, put on new wetsuites and floundered they way into the surf. They don't have to worry about getting sick, because nothing will have anything to do with them and that includes bacteria. Besides the word Talega to the American Indians means "STUPID"!!!!!!!

Happy New Year

I hope everyone is feeling good this morning, I know I am. The surf was real fun, 3-4 ft., occasionally bigger with some punch. You could totally lay out on the turns and the board would respond. That is not the norm at San-O. Conditions were so-so, offshore wind but still a little torn up. The water was dirty and actually stunk, but the surf was too good to pass by. I hope I don't get sick. I hit the sandbar and caught about three pretty good waves, turned around and here comes two guys and Jimmy. Right where I am, like I'm a magnet or something. Jimmy is not a problem, I like to share surf with him, but the other two were guys I didn't recognize. Of course they were so-so surfers (not that I'm that great) at best and proceeded to get in our way. Fortunately we did not let that deter us and took off whenever we wanted. Da Chewster was also out getting his usual quota. Howard, George, Joe and others were having a blast at the Point. Crowd was not bad at all, there must be a lot of hungover surfers.

TOTD (it's back, remember, it's the weekend) is...what else? Talega. It's all we talk about. It's an obsession, maybe it's jealousy because secretly we all want to live out there, our own little inland coastal suburbia. Here's a bit of trivia or whatever, but my spellcheck refuses to 'learn' Talega, it keeps telling me it's mis-spelled, even though I have always clicked the "Learn" button. What does it mean?

Da Chewster a little out of focus. 1.1.2005

Some fun New Years morning surf.

Moon Phase