Monday, March 31, 2008

Racism or Coincidence?

Jews have been the butt of jokes and not so innocent attacks over the years, and as a jew, i am sensitive to the ethnocintricities of caucasion males, but don't these two guy's look alike? After contacting channel 7, they assured me it was not the anchorman they were looking for.

free beer and weenies

Annual free beer and weenies night is this Sunday @6:00 Pm At Doheny State Beach. All are invited And don't worry about getting sand on your weenie, doheny is paved and each car has a stripred parking place. see you there Lifegaurd tower number 7 across from olomendis.

Friday, March 28, 2008

sharks at san onofre

Listen: I hate to be the one to rain on you parade of shark facts, and recent shark hysteria at san onofre. I have been coming to san onofre since 1925, in that short 83 year period, numerous deaths and attacks have happened. Before Edison, State of California, and the I5 went through to san diego, San O was known for giant sharks. These great white sharks have been sharing the waters with the bathers for decades, and now you are going to see a cycle of ignorance repeated by those who don't learn from history. Sharks KILL people! There are Sharks in the water at San Ononfre. There are so many right now the aerial shots are counting up to sixty per square mile. Do Not Go Surfing at San O. This is not a joke.

Do Man's Best Friends Need Their Identities Protected Too?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

PHOTO'S OF THE TRAIL 1 SHARK! (and just in time for spring break!)

San Onofre State Beach — On March 5, 2008 Kelly Lewis reported the following: “The shark was spotted at the base of Trail One, San Onofre State Park at approximately 1:45 PM. It appeared to be about 6 feet long. It was thrashing violently until a set of waves came in to float it (see photographs). It then spent another 2 to 3 minutes in very shallow water sometimes on it's back, eventually swimming into deeper water and disappearing. Dozens of seagulls were circling as if an opportunity existed. I had just been knee deep in the water a hundred yards south throwing a stick for my dog that was swimming well out into the surf. No surfers were in the water. My clothing doesn't seem to be of any importance. The shark came ashore independent of any human interaction. The beach has a very flat sand bar 300 feet long that stays flat out another 200 feet. However at the area this shark was ashore there are rocky depressions that set up drainage 'creeks' that run parallel to the shore to drain away higher sets that flood over the sand bar at or around low tide. My guess is the shark just got washed in and ended up stranded until another 'flooding set' allowed him to find an escape route. It was very lethargic after the set re-floated it, and as you saw in the one picture it was on its back. It also swam on its side for a period of time. I thought it may have been seriously injured. There was pinkish, almost a diluted blood look along its belly.” The pictured animal is a juvenile male White Shark, which frequent this area. Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Does A Good Samaritan Watering Plants Need His Identity Protected Too?


This supossedly occured on March 8th. Possible photos to follow.
When it comes to sharks and surfing I’ve always had the mindset that if I happen to be one of the few out of millions upon millions of ocean-goers to get nabbed there is really not a whole lot I can do about it. If sharks enjoyed the taste of surfer, Trestles on any given day would present a smorgasboard of munchies to fill their bellies with. Fortunately, sharks just aren’t really into us.With that being said, I have definitely had my moments in the water where I begin to wonder if anything is lurking below that would make quick work of me if it so decided. It’s usually just a passing thought that comes and goes.
After reading about the recent white-shark encounters between Huntington and San Onofre, the next time that thought arises it just may linger a little while more.
Between March 5 and March 22 there were three very well documented encounters with Great Whites in Southern California. Two of them in Huntington, one in San-O. One of the encounters in Huntington is actually being classified as an attack, as an estimated 15 footer grabbed the back of a board with the surfer still sitting on it. The shark quickly let go, and the surfer was unharmed and left with some serious ding-repair.
The encounter at San-O was particularly interesting. A woman was walking on the beach by Trail One when a 6ft. white shark washed ashore and thrashed around for a bit. It had been swimming in very shallow water close to shore and was washed up when a larger set came in. It rolled around on its back for a couple of minutes and eventually worked himself back into the water. How random would that be to see?
San Onofre has been the location of many sightings over the last several years. For whatever reason, the whities that make there way through just don’t see too preoccupied with anyone in the water. One of my all-time favorite shots of San-O is of a local surfer sitting out the back waiting for a set and a massive dorsal fin cruising right in front of him. It was the summer of 2004 when several sharks decided to hang out there for a while and many of the locals became accustomed to them.
If getting grabbed by one of our finned friends is something you truly concern yourself with, I would highly reccomend going to grab some lotto tickets and staying indoors during the next thunderstorm. They really just aren’t into what we have to offer.

Monday, March 24, 2008


San-O Daze Foils Internet Perverts

I was emailed an article about a school protecting its students from internet perverts by masking the pupils with happy face smileys. The email said that we owe the same level of protection to the community of San-O Daze.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Typical Black Person

Typical Black Person? The phrase is electrically charged with racial stereotyping.

Of course, no one running for President used that phrase this week.
Instead, a Presidential candidate referred to a white woman who "on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes" as a "typical white person" because, in his mind, obviously, that is what “typical white people” do.

Thank you Barack Obama. I sometimes question how far we have come away from racial stereotyping. However far forward we have come, you have just set us back at least a half century to when the U.S. military was still largely segregated, and typical White people didn't serve side-by-side with typical Black people, because it was felt that they were stereo-typical White racists full of hatred for what they viewed as stereo-typical Black people.

The Beach Boy's Barbara Ann Like You Haven't Seen Before

Ending five years of litigation, Beach Boy Mike Love announced yesterday that he has settled his lawsuit and is no longer suing Beach Boy Al Jardine over use of the Beach Boy name.

Wait until he finds out about this version of Barbara Ann!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catawampus? Looks More Like A Cat's Rump/Ass.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the County Arboretum & Botanic Garden is displaying this piece of art, made of twisted willow branches, called "Catawampus."

Meanwhile, some cat lover proudly displays their new tattoo.

A special cake for that special someone!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kites Attack Wind Vane - AGAIN!

This time they attacked the wind vane at Old Man's. It was all for a promotional party at the shack for a swimwear company. They used a big triangular kite to fly an inflated mermaid, suspended from the guide line. They tried three times to have the mermaid touchdown on the surfboard wind vane, but on the third try, the wind vane struck back, shredding the mermaid to bits and showering the party with mermaid fragments. The kite's line was severed and it drifted off towards the freeway.

These thumbnail pictures link to previous kite attacks reported at San-O Daze:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Angry Girlfriend Jumps Off Cruise Ship

San Clemente -- The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a 39-year-old woman reported to have jumped off a cruise ship off San Onofre.

According to a news release from the Coast Guard, the woman had been traveling with her boyfriend on the crusie ship when "she had become angry and agitated and then unexpectedly jumped overboard."

It happened about 20 miles southwest of San Clemente, according to the Coast Guard.

The cruise ship's crew notified authorities of the incident at 1:18 a.m. Sunday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dawn Wells Marijuana Bust

Dawn Wells Pot Bust

Dawn Wells (not Don Wells), who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," will serve six months unsupervised probation for reckless driving.
- police found marijuana in her car
- police arrested 69-year-old Wells driving home from her birthday party
- sheriff's deputy noticed her swerve and repeatedly speed up and slow down
- When the sheriff's deputy asked about a marijuana smell, Wells said she'd just given a ride to three hitchhikers and had dropped them off when they began smoking
- deputy found half-smoked joints and two small cases used to store marijuana inside Well's vehicle
- Wells failed a sobriety test.


New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's "Pimp Mobile" waits for clients outside the "Pink Cloud" motel!

Professionalism & Respect - The Credos of Television Journalism.

Monday, March 10, 2008


A look of surprise after being stopped, but its was easy to see he was schitt-faced! One charge of Barstool obduction and abusing has been dropped! It was found that the barstool left of its own free will after being stalked by him all evening.

Leaving the USA!

Millions of pissed-off Americans sneak accross the border INTO mexico fearing that the country may be run by Hillary Clinton or Obama! When asked why they chose to leave THIS way they simply replyed " WE cannot afford the gas to drive accross the border"!



Local resident and notewothy poet Archy Rice was found slumped over his steering wheel at San Onofre State Beach Sunday afternoon. After what friends called a "rant" about the biased unprofessional judging at the N.S.S.A. surfing contest held at Church beach which concluded yesterday, he suffered a stroke in his vehicle. Archy is well loved by all and has a magnanimous personality uniting people wherever he goes. He is a well known poet, skydiver, big wave rider and for a period, Senator from the state of Nevada. Archy first came to San Clemente in 1959 After going overboard on a cargo ship headed for San Francisco, after being at sea for twelve days he walked up on the beach at Ole Hanson Beach club. Archy First gained Nationwide attention by being the first man to ever Ride a wave over 100 feet tall at (then unknown) Cortez Bank. Then, as if that werent enough, he introduced Rice Farming to Indonesia as part of his effort to end world hunger, he is credited with saving millions of indonesians with his simple ideas for burning rice hull ash to reinvigorate the soil in the rice paddies.

Archy is not expected to survive, and remains on life support, more on this as it becomes available................ A.P. Curran Swaydasal


Sunday, March 09, 2008


From busted windshield to just plain busted! Did he think no one would notice? Or maybe there was a "STOOLIE"!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Daylight Savings -- NOT!

Daylight Saving Time is upon us again this weekend. As you set your clocks forward one hour, ponder this: The Wall Street Journal reports on a definitive study showing that the change to Daylight Savings Time results in increased electrical usage. So why are we changing to Daylight Savings Time even sooner this year? Could it be because of the utility companies and energy traders who lobbied for the earlier change? Also, California is about to deregulate energy once again. Remember the last time we deregulated energy? The people who made billions from the last go round have lobbied again.


Monday, March 03, 2008


am i starting to see things after being celebate for 2 weeks? You see it too, right?


The Booze Test - Name That Alcohol

Sunday, March 02, 2008


For that special someone

9/11 made up? Moon landings faked? Best selling Holocaust survivor book a sham?

According to 2008's Best Actress Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, as reported today in London, the real story of 9/11 is that the buildings were out of date and it would have cost more to modernize them than to destroy them, so they were destroyed. She knows that the moon landings were faked by the Americans.

"Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years," was translated into 18 languages and made into a feature film. It is author Misha Defonseca’s autobiography of her 1,900 mile trek, beginning when she was 7 years old, across the woods of Europe living as a feral child with only a pack of wolves as her companions/protectors, while in search of her deported Jewish parents during World War II. As reported this weekend, she now admits that she never lived as a feral child, there were no wolves, she wasn't in the woods, she never searched for anyone, there was no trek, her parents weren't deported, and they weren't Jewish.

Moon Phase